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DIY Party Hat Easter Eggs


It has become clear that I am not the egg-dyeing type. Apparently I like to decorate my eggs with various other fun and festive items. So of course I had to make these eggs party-ready with some itsy bitsy party hats!! These Easter eggs are totally ready to boogie down with you, post-egg hunt. I suggest making a matching one just for yourself. Everything is better when done wearing a party hat.

DIY Party Hat Easter Eggs

Party Hat Egg Supplies

Mini Party Hat Template
Scrapbook Paper (Not cardstock, it’s too thick to bend into these itty bitty hats!)
Mini Pom Poms
White Glue
Double Stick Tape

Print out the mini party hat template. Trace onto your paper and cut out. Roll your hat shape into a cone and tape or glue together.

DIY Easter Eggs DIY Easter Egg Party Hats

Place a small dot of glue on your mini pom pom and adhere it to the top of your hat. Hold for several seconds until partly set, then let dry fully.

DIY Party Hats for Eggs Party Hat Eggs

Pretty little hats!

Mini Part Hats

Run a thin line of glue just inside the edge of the hat and glue it to your egg. Again, hold securely for several seconds until partially set before letting dry completely.

DIY Party Hat Egg Tutorial DIY Tutorial for Party Hat Eggs

You should probably make a few extra hats for the Easter bunny too! Otherwise, that’s a wrap!

DIY Party Hat Eggs Tutorial Party Hat Easter Egg DIYs

Party on, egg decorators!

DIY Party Hat Eggs

Mini Party Hat

All Photos by Studio DIY

Do you like dyeing your eggs, or decorating them with something else??

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