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DIY Post-It Note Messages


A few weeks ago Jeff and I celebrated our five year anniversary, and we did so on the cheap. We agreed on no gifts, just a fun day at the beach together but, well, I love surprising people so I had to think of something to do that he wasn’t expecting. I had been dying to try printing on post-its after sharing this post and decided this was the perfect time to do so! So I printed and plastered up a little post-it love note while he was out. Yep, I was able to do this whole thing during that short half hour! That’s how easy it is! This idea would be great for a graduation or a birthday, too, wouldn’t it!?


To Make:

Choose a font you want and spell out your message, sizing the font so one letter fits on each post it and leaving enough space between the letters to fit the post-its without overlap. Print out your message on plain old computer paper. Adhere a post-it over each letter.

diy-post-it-note-prints diy-post-it-note-messages

Place your paper with the post-it notes on it back in your printer and re-print the exact sheet again. Be sure you align your paper properly, this will depend on your individual printer. And that, my friends, is a wrap! Peel off your post its and stick them on the wall, the fridge, the bathroom mirror, a piece of kraft paper.. you get the point. Easy to adhere and easy to remove, the perfect celebratory message!



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