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DIY Smiley Face Mani


DIY Smiley Face Mani |

After four days of rain here in LA, we could sure use some sunshine-y smiles! Ok, really, we need the rain… so we’ll leave the sunshine to our DIY manicure! We’ve got Alex of Beautilitarian BACK for a fun smiley face mani today that’ll make anyone who sees it happy as can be! Especially those of you who love that 90s smiley face as much as I dooooo!

With a steady hand, this manicure is super simple to re-create! Let’s DO it!

DIY Smiley Face Mani |

DIY Smiley Face Mani

Total Time: One Hour


Base Coat
Yellow Nail Polish
Black Nail Art Pen or Black Polish + Nail Art Brush
Top Coat


1. Paint a thin base coat on your nails.
2. Paint your nails yellow, you'll typically need two coats, and let dry completely.
3. Draw two black eyes just above the center of each nail with your nail art pen/brush.
4. Then draw a curved line beneath the eyes and a small dash on each end of the line to make the smile! Let dry completely.
5. Add a top coat and let dry.

DIY Smiley Face Mani | studiodiy.comDIY Smiley Face Mani | studiodiy.comDIY Smiley Face Mani |

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Manicure by Beautilitarian

These smiley balloons have been hanging around the studio quite often lately and I’m not mad about it. Remember the mini party we threw with them!?

p.s. Smiley Face Favor Pouches!


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