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DIY Surprise Streamer Door


Birthday surprises are just the best. And this one is an in-your-face-awesome surprise. Literally. I know we’ve all seen streamers hung on doors, or those fringey door curtains but this one has a little more “WOW!” factor. (If you ask me!) Once the birthday boy or girl goes into their room (or home, if you live in a climate where you can do this outside!) for the night, tape up this streamer curtain so when they open the door on their birthday they are instantly hit with festive fun!!! Surprise! WOO!

DIY Surprise Streamer Door

Surprise Streamer Door DIY

DIY Surprise Streamer Door for Birthdays

Tape (Clear tape plus painter’s tape or other, depending on the surface you have to tape to.

Measure out how long you need your twine to be. Do this by taping it to the door and to the wall when the door is all the way open. You want it to be long enough so that it doesn’t break when they open the door! Tape the twine to a wall so you can easily hang the streamers.

DIY Streamer Surprise Door Curtain

I cut my streamers in half to make them skinny, your choice on whether you want to do the same! Then I slipped each one over the twine, folded over an inch or two and taped it to the back of my streamers. Cut the streamers so the length is about the height of the door, or longer if you want a look like mine. Repeat this until you have enough streamers to cover the entire length of the twine.

Streamer Surprise Door DIY Tutorial How To Make A Streamer Door Curtain

When it’s time, move your curtain to the door. Tape one side to the door itself, and the other to the wall. Then just wait for the birthday honoree to awake!!! (The hardest part!)

How To Make A Surprise Streamer Door

DIY Birthday Streamer Surprise Door


Happy Surprising!!

Remember this birthday balloon surprise? Imaginging combining these two!? And of course, for more DIY ideas all around, head right here.


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