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DIY Watermelon Picnic Basket


DIY Watermelon Picnic Basket

Who’s been picnicking this summer? Well, you’ve been doing it all wrong. But I’m here to solve that with two things: a watermelon picnic basket and Foodadz, tools for food! Both = Necessary, and I teamed up with Garnish today to tell you why! Let’s discuss. You’re going to wonder how you went so long without both of these items in your life. I’m tellin’ ya!

DIY Watermelon Picnic Basket

So about these mysterious Foodadz. See them below? Well, Garnish, a packaging company who you know I’m a fan of (Remember this DIY cutlery and these DIY party hats!?) just launched this brand new product for all your picnicking (and BBQ-ing and general party-ing) needs and they call it Foodadz, tools for food. Each pack includes a linen-like disposable napkin, cutlery, salt & pepper, a wet wipe (Score!) and a little card with some fun facts and jokes. (Ok, that’s my favorite part.) Basically, it’s everything you need to enjoy your meal, all packaged up to take with you! I was so excited about them that I decided to make a picnic basket in celebration, as I now want to picnic approximately always.

Summer Picnic

So you wanna know how to make it? Ok, let’s do this!

DIY Watermelon Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket (I used this one! Bam!)
Paint + Varying Size Paint Brushes
Painter’s Tape (Optional, if you want really precise lines!)

DIY Watermelon Picnic Basket DIY Watermelon Picnic Basket
DIY Watermelon Picnic Basket DIY Watermelon Picnic Basket

1. If you’re a sloppy painter like I am, put some painters tape over the hardware on your basket to keep it looking good. Paint the bottom half of your picnic basket red, leaving the rim unpainted (if desired). If you’re wondering if the paint seeps through the slats, the answer is yes if you glop on the paint really thick. If you find your paint is seeping through, you can also paint the inside of the basket, but I just left mine plain, and used a blanket as a faux-liner.
2. Paint the lid green.
3. Paint the remaining rim and handles white! To keep your red and green looking good, you can tape off the edges of the rim. As far as painting the handle goes, you need to slightly lift the basket’s lid so you can get inside the handle where the basket overlaps it! Let dry!
4. Finally, add your seeds! Use black paint and a small paintbrush to paint small black tear drops all over the basket. DONE!

Foodadz Picnic Packs

Hehe! See that above. It’s a peek at the fun little cards in each Foodadz pack. Jokes on the front, facts on the back. Told you it’s my favorite part.

DIY Watermelon Picnic Basket

All Photos by Studio DIY

Now you just gotta pack up your food, your Foodadz and your inflatable watermelon (isn’t it SO GREAT!?) and get to goin’! Happy picnicking!


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  • Brittni

    Oh my goodness. I love this little picnic basket and those Foodadz packs. Also…I definitely need one of those inflatable watermelons.

  • Jessica @ Living La Vida Holoka

    I want to make a watermelon basket and I adore that little inflatable watermelon! So cute!

  • Jamie G @ SnapGinger

    This couldn’t be cuter, and I think I can actually handle it! Possible Christmas gifts 🙂
    Jamie @ SnapGinger


    Such a great idea:)! You made me crave watermelons!

  • JaneEllen

    You have inspired me to paint an old picnic basket found at Goodwill last year, The bottom part is 2 rounded sides which will be perfect for watermelon shape. Can hardly wait to start on it tomorrow.
    Has been bugging me for long time what I could do with poor old picnic basket, can’t just live with it natural for life can I, heavens no. Whenever we go to Goodwill or other thrift stores always have to peruse basket section/aisle for picnic baskets of any size/shape. Have quite a different collection going of them at this point. Of course hubs always has to ask – why in world I need yet another picnic basket, just cause old dude, now don’t argue. After all if at Goodwill on a Wednesday it’s 15% off, how could I pass it up? Wed. is senior day which is usually only day we go to Goodwill.
    Love how your oh so adorable picnic basket turned out. She looks so much happier now with an identity. Sure hooked me and made me think of my poor unused basket lying around. Had stuff didn’t want to deal with shoved in it in sewing room, how much abuse can poor thing handle? Your inspiration sure lit a fuse in my lazy self, can hardly wait to start on it.
    Have great weekend.

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