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Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers, Kids, Teens and Adults!


Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Easter is only a few weeks away, and since we’ll all be spending it at home this year, I wanted to share some tips for how I fill Arlo’s easter basket so that it’s not just filled with random items that will get thrown in the trash.

I rounded up over thirty items that would make a perfect little Easter gift for your littlest ones (the items span ages 2-10), all from small businesses! They need our support now more than ever.

In addition, I rounded up some items for teens and adults too. One of you messaged me saying you were putting together some little baskets for friends who needed extra cheering up right now and I loved that idea! 

But first, I’ll start with how I think about the items for my toddler’s Easter basket in terms of categories, as outlined below!

Something Creative

I always include something to encourage creativity, no surprise there. A new set of colored pencils or paint, a craft kit or coloring book are always hits. I also included some felt balls below because we love to use them to pretend “cook” with, in sensory activities, to play games, to “sort” and to hide in different containers.

If your kids aren’t into arts and crafts, something like a magic wand or dress-up item would be great for imaginary play, too.

Something to “Add” to a Toy We Already Have

Since Easter baskets are usually filled with small items, this is a great time to add on to a collection or toy your child already has. A few examples here would be something like a toy car for a garage, a new train for our train set, play food for a kitchen or more figurines or furniture for a dollhouse. 

That way, you’re not getting those small plastic theme-y toys that don’t serve much purpose beyond the day of Easter. Instead, you’ll get something that they can play with for much longer!

Something Practical

I love to toss something “practical” in the mix since it’s something you know you’re going to have to buy anyway. For me “practical” means new bath products or PJs, or maybe a kitchen tool, book or hair accessory. 

Something to Eat

Candy is always an Easter staple for us and most people I feel like? No explanation needed here really! But if candy isn’t your jam, maybe a baking kit, sprinkles, tangerines or a favorite snack bar or pouch?

Something Easter-y

I won’t lie, I tend to include one super Easter-y item because I just can’t resist. But again, I try to be thoughtful that it’ll get some use later on.

Stuffed animals are great for this if your kiddo is into those. Dress-up items that could be added to a dress-up box or a new spring-y outfit for a doll would be fun too!

My Easter Basket Picks for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Beyond!

Below you’ll find some of my Easter basket picks this year, along with a few cute Easter basket options that could be used throughout the year.

As I mentioned, every item is from a small business, many of which I shop at regularly and some that are new to me too!

The items span many price points, but my hope is that you’ll find one or two items that will both check “easter shopping” off your list and “supporting a small business during this tough time” off your list too. Many of these companies are offering free shipping or other deals right now too.

Just remember, shipping can take a bit longer when you’re not shopping Amazon and stock can be limited, so be sure to get your orders in soon!

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers and Kids

Goes without saying but since I made these selections based on a wide range of kids, be sure to review age recommendations on various items before purchasing!

From top to bottom, left to right:

Natural Basket | Mint Picnic Basket | Pink House Basket

Wooden Pig | Magic Wands | Stuffed Bunnies

Plus Plus Blocks | VW Van | Ladybug Train Car

Carrot Hair Clips | Eggs Are Everywhere Book | Wooden Kid “Knife”

Blue Wood Car | Eco Paint | Rainbow Play Silk

Bunny Hood | Felt Balls | Bunny Wand

Calico Critters | Cantando de Colores Book | Bunny Puzzle

Marshmallow Eggs (Sheep Box) | Wind Up Llama | Bubble Bath/Body Wash

Colored Pencil Roll-Up | Natural Dyed Sprinkles | Bunny Chocolate

Easter PJs | Ice Cream Truck | Felt Play Food

My Easter Basket Picks for Teens + Adults

Below you’ll find a few Easter Basket picks for teens and adults. I focused mostly on self care and craft-y items to help stay busy and calm during these crazy times. Some of these are “bigger ticket” items but would be super cute as the main or only feature of a teen or adult Easter Basket, alongside some sweet treats!

Easter Basket Ideas for Teens and Adults

From top to bottom, left to right:

Nail Polish | Jet Lag Mask | Bunny Notepad

Slippers | Macrame Kit | (My Favorite) Toffee

Book | Scissors + Awesome Embroidery Patterns | Nail Stickers

Pom Pom Making Kit | Clutch + Keychains | DIY Earrings Kit

Hope these ideas were helpful! If you have any other Easter Basket “staples” in your family, I’d love to hear about them below!!

**This post contains affiliate links. If you click some of the links here and make a purchase, I may get a small commission at no additional cost to you! As always, I only support and recommend products I love and/or have tried myself. Thank you for supporting them, too!


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