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Fourth of July DIY Star Streamers


It’s time for another set of holiday streamers! Since you all liked the Valentine’s Day and the St. Patrick’s Day versions, the Fourth of July seemed like the perfect time to give you a new dose of this super simple garland. These look great on the wall, on a table or as chair decor, and I particularly love them mixed with the patriotic fringey garland I picked up at my local party store. Oh how I love the festiveness of Independence Day!

DIY Star Streamers

Fourth of July DIY Garland


Red, White and/or Blue Streamers
Computer Paper (to cut out your template)

To Make:

Make your star template. It should be about 1.5″ at its widest point. I simply pulled one up on my computer screen and traced it onto a piece of computer paper. Cut a length of streamers and fold it, accordian style, to a finished with that is slightly narrower than your template. To make the horizontal garland (pictured in the first photo) trace your star on the folded streamers with the widest points hanging slightly over the edge. Cut, leaving the overhanging points attached.

Fourth of July DIY Streamers Red White and Blue Star Streamers

To make the vertical garland, fold your streamers accordion style slightly smaller than the height of your star. Trace your star onto the streamers, this time letting the top point and the bottom two points overhang slightly. Cut, leaving the overhanging points attached.

Fourth of July DIY Star Streamers Star Streamers DIY

Unfold (and use the scraps as confetti)…

July Fourth DIY Streamers

Hang! On the wall…

DIY Star Streamers for July Fourth

…or on a chair!

DIY Star Streamer Garland Fourth of July DIY Star Streamer Garland

So many options, so little time.

DIY Star Streamer Chair Decor

All Photos by Studio DIY

Where would you hang these simple streamer garlands!?

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