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DIY Firecracker Cake Toppers


Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. If you remember correctly, last week I promised that Cake Week wasn’t actually over and here I am delivering on my promise! Lucky for you I not only have a cute DIY Fourth of July firecracker cake topper, but my friend Jennie who runs a yummy blog called Garlic, My Soul, has the most delicious recipe and tutorial for those inside-out star shaped cupcakes you see them stuck in! BAM! Double Cake Week bonus! You can find her recipe for the red, white and blue goodies right here. Bake up a batch, then follow this tutorial to craft a fun themed topper for your July 4th gatherings!

DIY Fourth of July Firecracker Cake Toppers

July 4th DIY


Red and White Striped Paper/Cardstock
Blue Paper/Cardstock
Silver Mylar Tissue Paper
Lollipop sticks, skewers or toothpicks
Double Stick Tape and/or Glue Dots

To Make:

First you’ll cut out all your pieces needed. Each firecracker needs one 3″ by 2″ rectangle (red and white striped paper) and one 2″ circle (blue paper). Also cut 2″ strips of the silver mylar and fringe it.

Fourth of July DIY

You’ll need three 3″ lengths of your fringed mylar for each firecracker. Adhere them, one on top of the other with double stick tape to the back of your striped rectangle (on one of the longer sides). Place a piece of double stick tape on one of the short sides of your rectangle, roll and adhere to form a tube.

Firecracker Cupcaek Toppers for July 4th Patriotic Cupcake Toppers

Cut about a quarter of each circle out (Pacman anyone!?) then curve the remaining circle into a cone shape and secure with tape or a glue dot.

July 4th Cupcake Topper DIY DIY Rocket Firecracker Cupcake Toppers

Attach your blue cone to the firecracker body. I did this by placing glue dots along the top edge of the body and pressing the cone into it. Now attach your lollipop stick or tooth pick! There’s two ways to do this. You can adhere the stick to the back of your topper or you can poke a hole in the bottom of your topper and slip the stick inside it (you may want to place a bit of glue on the end if these are going to be pulled at by kids!).

Firecracker Cupcake Topper DIY DIY Firecracker Toppers

Now you have to stick them in your cakes, or cupcakes, or (more preferably) these adorable inside out star cupcakes! I mean, really, how cute are they!?

July 4th Inside Out Cupcakes

The end! A firecracker for your cake while you watch the fireworks above!

July Fourth Cupcake Toppers July Fourth Fire Cracker Cake Toppers

All photos by Studio DIY

A special thanks to Jennie for partnering with me for this fun project, and for making such adorable (and yummy, I speak from experience!) cakes! What are you cooking up and crafting for the Fourth!?

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