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Free Printable 2017 Wall Calendar!!!!


Free Printable 2017 Wall Calendar

Zeeeeeep!!! So the girls in the office were brainstorming a bit when I was out one day and came up with the idea to do a wall calendar. And I was all…. “I dunno, do you think people would want one!?” And then I came around and now I am SO EXCITED and this might be one of my favorite free printables ever!!! We made the coolest free printable 2017 wall calendar!!! Our girl Katy designed it and each month has a different fun pattern. Plus we put in some of our favorite holidays and anniversaries!!! (i.e. Spice World turns 20 this year. TWENTY! I am old.)

I know several of you had mentioned doing some office-y DIYs and I think this is perfect for an office/cubicle!! Hopefully you’ll learn some fun facts along the way, too. Like the date that Bubble Tape was invited. (#priorities)

Free Printable 2017 Wall CalendarFree Printable 2017 Wall Calendar Free Printable 2017 Wall Calendar

If your printer flips on the short side when printing double sided, click HERE to print the 2017 calendar!

If your printer flips on the long side when printing double sided, click HERE to print the 2017 calendar!

Ok! So there’s a few ways you can put together this calendar. I wanted mine to look like I bought it at a store, so I went to my local office supply shop to print and bind it. It cost about $12-$15 total I think!

UPDATE: As far as printing goes, you can print the file double-sided. Unfortunately, all printers are different so I have provided two files depending on how your printer works. I recommend testing one or two pages to see how it prints before printing the entire thing.

It will print on 8.5 x 11″ paper with a white border which I chose to trim off before binding it!

If you would prefer a DIY solution, you can print it at home and punch four holes across the top, through all the layers, then tie with ribbon or secure with small binder rings.

I hung mine with a binder clip and a command hook, but you could also punch a hole through all layers on the bottom and hang directly on the wall with a nail/hook! So many options, I know, but wanted to give you guys all of ’em depending on your budget + aesthetic preference!

Free Printable 2017 Wall Calendar Free Printable 2017 Wall Calendar Free Printable 2017 Wall CalendarFree Printable 2017 Wall Calendar Free Printable 2017 Wall Calendar


Photos by Jeff Mindell | Graphics by Katy Jones

If you print + make one, be sure to tag me in your insta pic and use #troopstudiodiy so I can see it! It’s always so fun when a project idea turns out even better than you thought it would! Hope you love it!!

p.s. Free printable boss lady notebook covers!


  • Jessica

    How lovely! x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  • Michelle

    I love the design, it’s so cheerful!

  • Catherine

    Was literally looking for a good calendar to help plan some blog post ideas – THIS IS IT! Love it, thank youuuuu

  • Antonella | White House Crafts

    This is super fun. And yes we like printables! Keep them coming 🙂

  • Mia

    These are so stinking cute! I may have to print one out, even though I got an awesome calendar for Christmas! I guess my classroom could use one… 🙂

    • Kelly

      I mean, there are definitely some history lessons on it! Who wouldn’t call Dirty Dancing historic?!


    Sooooo cute!!! Thank you for the fun freebie. Also, is it National Taco day yet????

  • Jessica Mischna

    Its super cute! I wish you would have included some of the main Jewish holidays thought… Hanukkah, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Passover. I know you can’t hit every holiday for every religion. I KNOW, but just wanted to say it anyways. Anyways, super cute! Keep doing you!

    • Kelly

      Hi Jessica! You know what, you are completely right. That was a huge oversight on our part and I am so sorry. Luckily, Katy and I were able to update the calendar to include a few of the Jewish holidays so it is more inclusive now. The download link is updated above! I appreciate the feedback and am really grateful you brought this to my attention!

  • Chris

    I love this! I don’t know how I’m doing it wrong though…I printed it 2 sided but my Month pages are upside down to my diary pages…I feel so daft but I can’t work it out. :-/

    • Amanda J

      I just printed it (at work–LOL), and I’m having the same problem. The orientation is not correct. (I printed double sided as instructed.)

    • Kelly

      Hey Chris & Amanda!

      The calendar is purposely printed to be “upside down,” so that when you flip it, the month will then be right side up!

      If you flip it wall calendar style, like in the photos, it works out perfectly!

      Just did a demo on Instagram stories — check it out!

      • Chris

        It’s when I flip it for a wall it’s upside down (and when I turn it it makes the next month upside down). I’ll have a look when I’m back in the office tomorrow but Amanda I’m glad I’m not the only one getting it wrong. 😉

        • Kelly

          Hm, I think I’m confused about what’s happening! If you have Snapchat or Instagram — send me a picture!

          • Audrey

            I am having the same problem!
            If I were to put it together as is, when I flip the calendar to the next month, the dates are right-side up but the month name is upside down. If I flip the month to be the correct orientation the prior month’s dates are upside down.
            I went to go print double sided on a different axis, but the work printer is set to that way only =(

          • Kelly

            Hey! Someone brought up that the “edges” need to be different. I believe you’d have to change the settings from short edge to long edge, or vice versa!

            Hope that helps!

          • Audrey Raboin

            Thanks for the second edition!

          • Kelly

            You’re welcome!

  • Marie

    Where is the OMG sticker from?!! Love it!!

  • Chelsey

    I LOVEEE this! Can’t wait to hang it by my desk! I hope this is a yearly calendar 😉

  • Kim

    The orientation is not working out correctly when printed. I’ve tried 6 different times and its still not accurate for wall hanging.

    • Kelly

      Sorry you’re having trouble, Kim! Every printer is different. Be sure to make sure yours is set to flip on the short side NOT on the long side when printing double sided. Hope that helps!!!

  • Ariona

    This is the cutest calendar I’ve ever seen! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Élo

    I love it!
    Thank you, that’s a lovely present 🙂

  • Taylor

    Love that you included Passover! Super cute!

  • Chris

    Thanks for the updated printable! I <3 it!!!

  • Ursula Rosien

    Beyond adorable and stunning! Pinned. You are a HUGE inspo for me 🙂

    Ursula @ {modern DIYs}

  • Tammy

    This is awesome!! My workplace decided to save money by not buying us calendars this year… so I printed this using their paper/ink/binding materials… It’s the only thing brightening my desk space and I LOVE it! Glad I found it right before ‘Ice cream for breakfast’ day, I almost missed out!

  • Pari

    Loved the calendar! Can’t wait to get it printed!

  • Vicky Sullivan

    These are the cutest calendars ever!


  • Marble Painting

    What a nice work or i can say art really it is very pleasing thanks for sharing it with us .

  • Laura


  • Kiara Martinez

    Absolutely love this!! I easily print them out and stick them on my wall! Hoping to use this in my dorm for college! Is there anyway you all can do one for 2018 as well?! This is adorable, I get so many compliments when friends come over and see it in my room! Great job

  • Sakshi Walker

    This is really nice decorative art and useful in daily life but seriously this is time consuming.


    can you please make a 2018 calendar? 😀 i just love it. great work 😀

  • Sharon Gore

    Thank you so much for this beautiful calendar. Are you going to offer this again for 2020?

  • Karen Cline

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

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