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Free Printable Scratch-Off Advent Calendar


Free Printable Scratch-Off Advent Calendar

Time for our annual advent calendar!!!! And this one’s a printable one! Ba-BAM! Last year we made a flair advent calendar, but this year we decided to try a scratch-off variety! I discovered you could buy these scratch-off stickers on Amazon (love you Amazon!), so we came up with 24 of our fave holiday activities that can hide behind the stickers and help you count down to Christmas!!

Oh, and yes, we did make it look like a giant Malibu Barbie dream house hotel situation. Because that seemed pretty necessary.

Free Printable Scratch-Off Advent Calendar

Click HERE to download and print the advent calendar!
The calendar is sized to 18×24″ and I recommend printing it as a color engineer print (You can do this at Staples!) for the most cost effective option.

You can buy the scratch off stickers here. Place one on top of each activity and scratch one off every day until Christmas!!!

Free Printable Scratch-Off Advent CalendarFree Printable Scratch-Off Advent Calendar Free Printable Scratch-Off Advent Calendar

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Printable designed by Threadhoney

Part of me is just expecting Barbie to walk through that door. Haha! Be sure to get these printed just in time for December 1st!

p.s. How we’re decorating for Christmas.


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