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A Feelin’ Fruity Garden Party!


A Feelin' Fruity Garden Party

You guys ready for a fruit party!?!? So happy it’s time to share the second party we dreamed up on our Palm Springs adventure!!! This time it was all about one of both mine and your favorite themes… fruit!!! We wanted to create this fruit inspired garden party to help inspire any end of summer parties. It would be the perfect bridal shower or even baby shower!

As you know, we recently started selling fruit slice balloons in the shop so that was the inspo for this party. We made a crazy fun balloon garland incorporating them (and we’ll share that tutorial soon!) and then fruit-i-fied everything else too. From the cushions (yep, that’s a DIY, coming right up!!) to giant fruit on the table to a pineapple CAKE!!! I’m really in love with how it turned out and like I’ll keep saying it, that balloon garland is really the only big statement you need for that “wow” factor and then you can pick and choose the rest of the details!

A Feelin' Fruity Garden PartyA Feelin' Fruity Garden Party

My favorite part about this party was the fruit cart!!! These are all over Los Angeles and they sell the best fruit, but I had no idea you could rent one!! Turns out you can and we thought it was the perfect touch for the party!! You can DIY your own coconut fruit bowls like we did or even use it as a non-traditional bar! You can find the lemon piñata tutorial here.

A Feelin' Fruity Garden PartyA Feelin' Fruity Garden Party

We mad piña coladas and topped them with fruit candy drink stirrers!! All the candies we used are linked in the source guide below!

A Feelin' Fruity Garden PartyA Feelin' Fruity Garden PartyA Feelin' Fruity Garden PartyA Feelin' Fruity Garden PartyA Feelin' Fruity Garden Party

Quick charger DIY idea! Add a pop of color to a regular plate with paint and a non-toxic finishing oil!

A Feelin' Fruity Garden PartyA Feelin' Fruity Garden PartyA Feelin' Fruity Garden PartyA Feelin' Fruity Garden PartyA Feelin' Fruity Garden PartyA Feelin' Fruity Garden Party

Photos by Jeff Mindell
Creative Direction: Kelly Mindell | Art Direction & Styling: Cyn Moreno
Food Styling: Theresa Rountree | Production Manager: Samantha Martin
Models: Jenna | Cortney | Tisha


Palm Springs Rental Home: The Harlow House

Watermelon | Lime | Dragonfruit | Lemon| Kiwi | Orange | Fruit Combo Pack
17″ Yellow | 17″ Deep Jade | 17″ Watermelon Red
Frankly, I Love Rainbows Party Pack | Make It Rainbow Party Pack | Make Life A Party Party Pack
16″ Gold Mylar Letters | 32″ Mylar Watermelon

Yellow Stools | Yellow Chairs | Striped Placemats | Pink Napkins
Gold Flatware | Pink Glasses (similiar) | Hurricane Glasses | Fruit Gummies | Marzipan Fruit
 Wooden SkewersRainbow Umbrella

I’ll just never get sick of a good fruit-themed anything. This party was so much fun to create!! If you throw a party inspired by this one be sure to tag #troopstudiodiy so I can see it!!

And stay tuned for the Fruit Slice Pillows, Pineapple CakeFoam Fruit Centerpiece, and Balloon Garland DIYs! Yay!!!


  • Michelle

    This is sooo cool, I love the balloons and the cushions! Great work putting all this up!

  • Heather B

    This is SO cute! I’m very excited for the balloon garland tutorial!

  • Erin Maree

    Looks good! I was hoping to see baby A dressed as a fruit but maybe you’re saving that for Halloween 😉

    • Kelly

      Haha! That reminds me of those Anne Geddes photos from back in the day!

    • Erin Maree

      Haha! A cute idea for a family costume could be a fruit seller (cause Jeff likes to be a person), fruit basket (cause you like to be a thing and you could easily transform a brown dress into a basket) and a piece of fruit (cause Arlo has no preference and while he’s small you can dress him up as whatever you want), you could even dress Bella up as a piece of fruit too.
      (if you ever do decide to do this costume please give a tiny tiny piece of credit 🙂 )

  • Sophie

    I love this party theme. I totally want to try fruit from a fruit cart soon.

    • Kelly

      It’s so good Sophie! Especially on a hot day- it’s the perfect treat!

  • Emily S

    Literally all I can say is 😍😍😍

  • Terrell

    I was about to say…..please tell how you made the centerpieces!! I live for this stuff! What a terrific party theme!

    • Kelly

      Stay tuned! We’re going to be doing a full tutorial soon 🙂 Thanks Terrell!!

  • Isabelle

    This is so fun! I love the balloons! Perfect party theme! Are you selling this as a kit of party theme?

  • Paige Flamm

    So many fun and pretty details!


  • Liz

    OMG can you please link me to the yellow dress you have on???? I have never needed anything so badly in my life, you look so freaking cute. Also the yellow shoes if it’s not too much to ask?? I have been having such a hard time finding clothes in a good shade of yellow and these are PERFECT. Thank you so much!!!!

  • Indya |

    I love everything about this!!! All that colour makes my heart so happy! I love how creative you are. Your mind must be such a fun (albeit, hectic!) place to live.

    I cannot WAIT for all the DIY projects to come from this shoot, you’ve really outdone yourself with this party – as usual 😜

  • Gabriella Israel

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about this post! I have been following you for a while, but really started to tune in as you shared your road to becoming a parent. I, too, had a very difficult journey to parenthood, as my daughter was born 4 months premature at 24 weeks. Next week, she will be 24 months…and the theme of her party it Two-tti-Fruity!! Perfect timing! I don’t have as many resources or creativity as you to create such a fantastical outdoor fruit-filled wonderland, but I am so excited to see your vision, as I will be borrowing a lot of the colors and ideas with the fruit balloons, and latex balloons. Just love your style, and photography, and this post is one of my all time favorites on your site. I also LOVE the color coordinated outfits and accessories. Still looking for a cute dress to wear for her party…Thank you for sharing this stunning backyard bash, and all the best to you and your precious little guy!

  • Jo Smith

    Amazing! Love the photos! Subscribed.

  • Amrit

    Are you selling this as a Kit. I am planning my daughter’s second birthday as Tutti Fruitti. What is the budget for this decor?

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