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Welcome to the OFFICIAL kick off of our Third Annual Donut Week!!!!! Per usual, we’ll be sharing a donut themed DIY every day this week and ending the week with a big (HUGE!) National Donut Day giveaway!

To start, we went with the edible variety and used these handy dandy sugar sheets we discovered last year to create graphic donuts!! Kind of like graphic tees…. that you can eat. Haha! Super fun for a party, a co-worker’s birthday and National Donut Day of course. And they’re so easy, even kids can make ’em!

Graphic Donuts | studiodiy.comGraphic Donuts | studiodiy.comGraphic Donuts |  Graphic Donuts |

Graphic Donuts | Graphic Donuts |

DIY Graphic Donuts

Total Time: 20 Minutes


Frosted Donuts OR Donuts + Frosting (Ready to be frosted)
Alphabet Sugar Sheets
Damp Paper Towel or Sponge


If your donuts are not yet frosted:

1. Select the phrases you want to use and carefully remove the letters from the sheets.
2. Frost your donuts and immediately adhere the letters to the frosting, while still wet. Let firm up and they're ready to eat!

If your donuts are pre-frosted (like ours were)

1. Select the phrases you want to use and carefully remove the letters from the sheets.
2. Dampen the back of the letters on a wet paper towel or sponge and adhere immediately to the frosting. Let dry. (You'll get some black on your hands doing this method so be sure to keep another damp paper towel or wipes nearby to wipe your hands every once awhile, so you avoid getting black elsewhere on the donuts.

Graphic Donuts | studiodiy.comYou Want A Piece of Me?

Photos by Jeff Mindell

I love the idea of making it a themed box, with a word on each donut spelling something out! Would make the best proposal too. 😉 Shout out to California Donuts for making the best custom colored donuts for us!!

p.s. Pink Umbrella Donuts!


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