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Last Minute July 4th DIY Projects


It’s almost time to break out the grill, throw back some lemonade, and watch the sky light up like a loud, sparkly rainbow. Woohoo! Hope you guys have something fun planned, we’re headed to the beach for a BBQ and I’m making these (but adding some strawberries. you know, for the full red, white and blue!). But if you’re still itching to get your July 4th DIY on, it really isn’t too late! Every one of these projects can be made in the next 24 hours (And at the very least, you can print some bingo cards!). BAM! So lets all get our craft on and report back here on Friday with how it all turned out, shall we!? Happy Fourth Folks!

Last Minute July 4th DIY Projects

(From Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

DIY Geometric Picnic Blanket, DIY Popcorn Bags, DIY Beach Ball Garland

DIY Edible Pinwheels, DIY Watercolor Stripe Bunting, DIY Star Streamers

Free Printable July 4th Bingo, DIY Firecracker Cake Toppers, DIY Surprise Balls

And for more DIYs all around, head here!


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