Free Printable July 4th Bingo
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Free Printable July 4th Bingo


Need something to keep the kiddos busy on July 4th while they not-so-patiently wait for the fireworks to start!? Well, here you go! I whipped up a little July 4th Bingo game to play throughout the holiday, filled with lots of iconic American food and fun. (But mostly food… because that’s what holidays are all about, yes!?) Pass these out to the little ones (There’s 10 cards!) and they’ll be quite content hunting down each and every item. I guarantee it! So print ’em and get ready for a grand ol’ time!

July 4th Bingo (Free Printable!)

I printed mine on white cardstock and used candy as the game pieces. You can also pick up some star stickers to use so the kids can buzz around, racing to be the first to scream BINGO!

July 4th Bingo (Free Printable!)

Free Printable July 4th Bingo

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Click here to download the free printable July 4th Bingo Cards!

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