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Our Home Renovation Projects: Updates on What’s Done + What’s Left!


Colorful Nursery Closet

I did this post last year and shared all the projects that we finished, were working on or still intended to do on our 1930s fixer upper and you guys have been asking if I could do an updated one! So here I am! It’s also selfish-ly really helpful for me to put a “goal” date on each one of these so I stay on track, too. We didn’t meet all our goals for 2019 but we did a LOT of work so I’m really happy with the progress we made!

It’s crazy to think that our major home projects here are becoming fewer and fewer. Our contractor keeps asking us when we’re gonna buy our next house now… haha! 😉 We’ve kept their team quite busy the last few years.

Below you’ll find a list of ALL our finished projects, with links to the corresponding posts and source lists, plus what we’re hoping to do in 2020 and beyond, too! I also included our goal dates vs our actual completion dates for the projects we did in 2019 so you can see where we had to flex on things!

Home Projects We’ve Completed

Our Pink Dining Room Reveal

New (or re-finished) Floors, Roof, Air Conditioning + Interior Paint
Completed: July 2017

Arlo's Rainbow Nursery Reveal

Arlo’s Room (Our First Nursery)
Completed: January 2018

Colorful Master Closet Reveal

Converting A Kitchenette into A Master Closet and Laundry Room
Completed: February 2018

Our Pink Dining Room Reveal

Dining Room
Completed: April 2018

Colorful Holiday Home Tour

Exterior Paint
Completed: June 2018

Cozy Pink Master Bedroom Reveal

Master Bedroom
Completed: September 2018

Green Tile Shower | Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom
Goal: February 2019
Completed: February 2019

Pink California Kitchen Renovation

Goal: March 2019
Completed: May 2019 

Colorful California Backyard

Goal: Summer 2019
Completed: October 2019

Colorful Nursery Closet

Nursery Closet
Goal: Summer 2019
Completed: October 2019

Functional and Colorful Entry Closet Ideas

Entry Closet
Goal: Fall 2019
Completed: November 2019

Blue and Terra Cotta Bathroom Renovation

Kids Bathroom
Goal: Late 2019 or Early 2020
Completed: December 2019

Home Projects In Progress

Garage to Playroom Conversion

Garage to Playroom Conversion
Previous Goal: Fall 2019
New Goal: February 2020

This is well underway with new floors and a new door in progress! Once the construction is done, all that will be left is to decorate it! This is the space that I am most excited about in our home.

See the plans here.

Living Room Moroccan Rug

Living Room
Previous Goal: Spring 2019
New Goal: March 2020

It’s honestly embarrassing that this room isn’t done yet. Really it’s just felt like every piece of this room has been difficult to nail down. Things were back-ordered or didn’t work or I couldn’t find the right piece. It’s a super small and awkward space, and also the first space you see when you enter our house so it’s been tricky. We’re getting close though! Really I just need to wrap up the art (I am doing a gallery wall since the wall with the TV feels too empty) and then we should be done!

Hallway + Hall Closet
Previous Goal: Summer 2019
New Goal: Fall 2020

We’ve already started to make some updates to the hallway, we’ve hung a few art pieces and lightened up the space a bit. I’m hoping to do a family gallery wall in here that is more picture heavy than our other walls. Also need to find the right rug for this space, and perhaps a furniture piece that we can use for additional storage if needed.

Home Projects We Still Need To Do

Kitchen Pantry + Cabinets
Goal: Summer 2020

After we finished the kitchen renovation, we were just so desperate to have a kitchen again that we kind of dumped all of our stuff into random cabinets and still haven’t organized it. I’m dying to change this and maximize the functionality. I also want to invest in storage containers for snacks, etc. so we don’t have so many visual distractions in the pantry and so we can start buying more from bulk bins and waste less packaging.

Nursery Closet Before

Second Nursery
Previous Goal: Summer 2019
New Goal: Summer or Fall 2020

We ended up doing the closet in this space but have not even touched the rest of it. We really are in no rush, since even if we matched and had a placement tomorrow, we’d still have about six months before the baby needs their own room. But on the flip side, it would be so nice to have this done before a baby arrives. We’ll see what happens!

Arlo's Rainbow Nursery Reveal

Arlo’s Closet + Toddler Room Update
Previous Goal: Fall 2019
New Goal: Fall 2020

When we do the nursery, we’ll be moving Arlo’s crib into it and therefore forced to transition him to a bed. When we do that, I suppose I’ll need to give his room a bit of an update to accommodate a bed. I’ve also been saying now for years that I want to turn his closet into a fort. I’m thinking when baby arrives would be a great time to work on something new and special just for him, so perhaps we’ll do that!

Front Yard
Previous Goal: Sometime in 2020
New Goal: Sometime in 2020 (maybe, haha!)

I still hate the front of our house and have no desire to spend any money on it because it’s just not a style I’ll ever love. But Jeff has decided to make this HIS 2020 project so we’ll see what happens!

And that’s where we’re at!! Can’t believe how much we accomplished in 2019 when I look at it all listed out like that!! Any big renovation projects in the works for your house in 2020? Or big decorating (or re-decorating) adventures??


  • Karen

    What a fun list to review – so many accomplishments! That green tile in the master bathroom is so swoon-worthy!! We completed a major renovation in 2017, which leaked into (pun intended) 2018 due to a flood (disaster/heartbreak-city). Since then we’ve taken a break, but we’re back to planning as this spring we’re going to renovate our pool area. We have an acre of land (North County in San Diego), and my mind does spins when I think about the entire yard – so we’re starting with a slice, and it’s the most important slice (re: pool) since our kids are young and we want years for them to enjoy it. Renovating is a wild ride but I truly love the process, and the finished product is always quite enjoyable too!

    • Kelly

      I think that’s smart!! An acre of land is SO much to wrap your head around at once!! But how amazing to have all that space!!

  • patricia

    Very surprised you wouldn’t want to fix the front yard if you hate it so much. Its the first thing anyone sees whether they walk into your house or not. Maybe fixing it up a bit will get you to a point of not loving but at least tolerating.

    • Kelly

      I’m the kind of person that has a hard time putting money into something when I know I won’t love it. Ha! So it’s just become our last priority, it’s also where we spend the least amount of time so doesn’t seem worth it! But we’ll definitely fix it up when we get around to it and for sure before selling it!

  • at home with Ashley

    I love your entire house! We just got a new home so we’ve got an entire clean slate to work with this year

  • Nicolette

    I’m sure you have written about it before but I don’t remember reading what style your home is in the front that makes you dislike it so much!

  • Jaclyn

    You’ve done such a beautiful job, congratulations! I’d love to know where those pink and orange bathroom floor tiles are from? They’re the best! X

  • Karen

    Everything looks so great and I’m really looking forward to see new projects completed.

  • Aisha

    Wow good job, your home looks beautiful and cozy! Dream

  • streamcomplet

    Très bel article. Continuez à poster. Je veux attendre votre prochain article. Merci!

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