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The Mindwelling: Our Master Bedroom Plans, Progress + Inspo!


Our Pink Master Bedroom Plans + Inspiration

Time for some more room inspo over at The Mindwelling!! We jumped the gun and finished our closet before our bedroom (Haha, priorities!?) but now we’re working on getting that room all wrapped up and I’m sooooooo happy with how it’s turning out. Thought I’d share some of our inspo, progress and plans with you guys today since I’m not quite done and, well, frankly I need your help on a few things. Haha! HELP ME!

We teamed up with Allswell for this post. They’re a new luxe bedding brand that provides both the mattress and the bedding and I’m alllll about that one-stop-shop situation. So we got mattresses, we got design dilemmas and we got a LOT of pink to talk about. Let’s dive in.

Our Pink Master Bedroom Plans + InspirationOur Pink Master Bedroom Plans + Inspiration

I’m going to talk to you about the mattress first, and the first thing I want to say that’s so awesome about Allswell is it was created by women for women. In fact, the “king” is called a “supreme queen.” BA-BAM. But moreso, it just feels like so much detail was put into every aspect of the brand, from the (pink!) packaging to the interior designers they teamed up with to create their bedding, to the fact that they sell all the basics to put inside the well-designed bedding. And they even take away your old mattress, too. There are great options that fit every aesthetic and it’s such a seamless experience.

The mattress itself comes in two crowd-pleasing options, one a little softer and one a little firmer option. We went with “The Firmer One” which combines memory foam and coils. And the top is made from a cooling fabric so it really breathes. We’ve been so happy with it and sleepin’ like babies… when I’m not lying awake like “Hmmm…what am I gonna do with these blank walls??” Speaking of…

Our Pink Master Bedroom Plans + Inspiration

Let’s talk about the rest of the room and the fact that I don’t have a single thing on our walls yet. First, here’s some of the pieces we’re working with. Our bed is super structured, so we wanted almost everything else in the room to be soft, in a stark contrast with it. We’re doing a layered rug, a few hits of rattan and a lot of pops of dusty-pink shades. Overall, we wanted the room to be super bright and relaxing so all of these will be popping against our go-to all white base.

Pink Master Bedroom Inspiration


Cable Rug | Velvet Chair | Rattan Lampshade
Pink Sconces | Pink Coverlet | Bed Frame
Pink Pillow | Rattan Stool/Night Stand
Pink Vase | Pink Moroccan Rug

Our Pink Master Bedroom Plans + Inspiration

But these walls, I just don’t know what to do about ’em. The dresser (which I love) was supposed to go across from the bed with a TV over it but per usual, I measured wrong so it’s a touch too wide. That means it’s hanging out over on this wall where I had intended to do built-in bookshelves. The original wall will still have a TV and likely a gallery wall to help it “blend in.” But now I’m like… what’s my best option here!? I’m thinking a few things… either doing some sort of asymmetrical/shaped shelves above it or just doing one large art piece. Potentially even this large rattan piece (below)!? I really want some sort of shelving here but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Maybe you guys have a genius idea I hadn’t thought of!?

Our Pink Master Bedroom Plans + InspirationOur Pink Master Bedroom Plans + Inspiration

Photos by Jeff Mindell

We’re CLOSE you guys! Just gotta figure out this wall situation and I think everything will really come together. Can’t wait to show you the final space! Please help a girl out and weigh in on the wall situation below. And if you’re in the market for a new mattress or a little bedroom makeover, help yourself out and pop over to Allswell as your first stop. More soon!!!!

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  • Heather

    I don’t know if this is the best option because you’d lose the dresser, which you probably don’t want to do, unless you save it for Arlo or a guest room or something? My idea is, built in bookshelves for the whole wall but make the bottom half / third in to drawers to act as the dresser? You’d have your drawer space and your shelves as planned!

  • Kristina B

    Maybe put a print from Arielle Vey above the dresser? Her colors would go AMAZEBALLS with your shade of pink and I’m just totally obsessed with her since Jeff put her work in his story a while back.

    • Kelly

      Ha! Great minds think alike. We have one of her prints for the room and it is PERFECT!!!!

  • Michelle

    Definitely love the color palette you chose for this room, especially that rug is sooo gorgeous!

  • Marie

    I know everything is pink but i think something big and YELLOW would be awesome in that space💛💛💛

  • Kenzie

    As soon as I saw that beautiful blank wall I knew it would be perfect for an oil painting done by my dear friend Lee! She has fearlessly jumped into the oil painting biz and is creating some amazing soft and simple pieces. Check out her Instagram @acaseoftheshapes

    Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  • Lily

    Since you already have a gallery wall planned, I definitely think you should do shelves. You need some more 3-D design instead of two walls of flat art. Love the colors!

  • Mia

    What about a statement wall with turquoise or mint green paint?! Plus the rattan circle or a painting or print?

  • Stephie

    1. You don’t have to have something on EVERY wall. It’s ok to give your eyes a visual break when you scan the room. I’m all about less is more in your relaxing space. Maybe just a large piece of artwork that anchors the wall and doesn’t make it feel too cluttered.

    2. Seems like it’s a long distance from the closet to be very functional for clothing, what are you keeping in the dresser? Could you lose it…just in this space, not in your whole house 😉 ?

    Check out Angie Stalker’s work. Her colors work well with your vibe.

  • Jess

    First I LOVE this boss lady company and the “supreme queen”! When my husband and I bought our first place- I realized how sexist everything is with design and products. For example the “master” bedroom – totally masculine and archaic description in my opinion. We now refer to it as our “main bedroom”.

    But as for the wall- I would love to see maybe one of Jeff’s pictures made into a giant wall decal? That might be too much (for that space), but his art is so stunning and inspiring. I think he needs to have a whole wall dedicated to one of his pieces somewhere!

    Thank you for sharing your amazing home and designs!

  • Sophia

    Unless you really need the storage, hang a beautiful rug on the wall. My mom is a textile nut, so we have them all over the house I grew up in. If you have a smaller piece you can mount it to a canvas and hang it on the wall. Or you can mount a pole to the wall with brackets and change what you have hung there whenever you want.

    My mom also puts embroidered Mexican and South American embroidered shirt shirts of the back her dining room chairs.

  • Leila

    It’s looking so great. I’m really enjoying seeing how your house takes shape. I love the rattan circle, it’s simple but very pretty. I think keep it simple in the bedroom and rather put bookshelves somewhere else in the house.

  • Brittany S.

    I like the rattan piece you featured! Looks great!!

  • shashank jain

    Definitely love the color palette you chose for this room, especially that rug is sooo gorgeous!

  • Kate

    Where is your dresser from! It’s so great!! Love how the whole space is coming together.

  • pictaram

    Can’t wait to see the reveal!

  • Tina Hunt

    Hiya Hun,

    I suffer from anxiety and depression which causes me to suffer from insomnia. I would really like to make my bedroom feel tranquil, calming place where I am able to feel content and relaxed.
    Have you any ideas or tips on how to achieve this goal, or any other members who are able to share their ideas/ finished room pics that can help me find some inspiration. I would be very grateful to you and I will keep an eye open for your reply/help (hopefully).

    Many thanks
    T x

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