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The Best Straw Hats for Spring + Summer


The Best Straw Hats for Spring + Summer

We’re in vacay mode right now as we spend some time with friends in Turks & Caicos, and maybe the number one question I get asked lately is where my straw hat is from! Since I wear it in basically every picture… haha! It’s actually from a past season and not available anymore BUT I found a near identical one plus eleven more too. This style hat is one of the staple pieces in my wardrobe. Hope you find one you love too! =)

The Best Straw Hats for Spring + Summer

Graphic by Meagan Knight for Studio DIY

No. 1 Rainbow Straw Hat | No. 2 Pink StrawHat
No. 3 Pink Ribbon Straw Hat | No. 4 Neutral Straw Hat
No. 5 Color Block Straw Hat | No. 6 White Straw Hat
No. 7 Polka Dot Scarf Straw Hat | No. 8 Aqua Straw Hat
No. 9 Rust Ribbon Straw Hat | No. 10 Peach Ribbon Straw Hat
11. Burnt Clay + Pink Straw Hat | No. 12 Open Weave Straw Hat
No. 13 Pink + Black Stripe Straw Hat | No. 14 Brown Straw Hat
No. 15 Yellow Ribbon Straw Hat | No. 16 Pink Ribbon Straw Hat

Which one is your fave!?


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