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The Mindwelling: Our Holiday Home Tour!


Colorful Holiday Home Tour

Truth be told, decorating for Christmas is one of my greatest joys in life. So renovations, too-busy schedules and complete holiday madness aside, making time to decorate is 100% worth it for me!

This year felt like the first year Arlo would kinda notice sprinkles of holiday magic in our house so I used that as my excuse to just go for it! He’s currently mostly obsessed with Santa who is now basically anyone that either 1) is wearing red, 2) is wearing a hat or 3) has a beard… so that’s been fun at the grocery store. Hahah!

So here’s a peek with probably a few too many photos of what I like to call “the tour of four rooms of our house that are somewhat put together, please ignore the other ones that are currently under construction and/or straight out of an episode of hoarders.”

Colorful Holiday Home TourColorful Holiday Home Tour

Yes, our tree is in our bedroom. Mostly because we don’t have a ton of room in our living room, the ceilings are higher in our bedroom (I like a tall tree!) and it’s easier to keep Arlo away from it. 😉 Next year we’ll probably find a place for it in the living room but it’s been so cozy having it here the last two years.

And it may not be flocked (*EHM* Jeff…) but I’m still pretty in love with it!! I changed out the garland (made with felt balls + stars from Hello Maypole!) and bows this time to match all the warm tones of our bedroom!

We watched the NYC Ballet’s Nutcracker on Netflix (if you have not seen it, you MUST!) and decorated it together as a fam!

Colorful Holiday Home TourColorful Holiday Home Tour

Arlo comes into our bed on the weekends to watch morning cartoons and I wanted to Christmas-i-fy it so we made paper snowflakes and strung them all over the canopy part with fishing line!!! I love it so much!!!

Colorful Holiday Home Tour

Master Bedroom Christmas Decor Sources

Tree Garland | Star Wands (Used as Tree Toppers) | Striped Tree Skirt
Fa La La Garland (I added the stars!) | Feather Trees | Fluffy Trees by Glitterville
DIY Ornament Pillow

For the actual bedroom decor sources, click here!

Colorful Holiday Home Tour

The dining room became the “pastel Christmas room” and the home of our Christmas village!!! Arlo joined in on the Christmas village festivities this year and I added a few new ones too. We don’t really have one large surface in our house to fit all of them, so I just put away some of the vases from the dining shelves and swapped the houses in there!

The leftovers of my bottle brush collection spilled over in here too.

Colorful Holiday Home TourColorful Holiday Home Tour

I totally stole this idea from Jordy to put tiny Santa hats on our photos and art!! It is SO great and simple, if you need a last minute idea to make your home a little festive! I found these at the craft store but you could make ones out of paper too!

Colorful Holiday Home TourColorful Holiday Home TourColorful Holiday Home Tour

Dining Room Christmas Decor Sources

DIY Christmas Village | Disco Snowman | Fluffy Tassel Garland
Green Bottle Brush Trees | (Most) Colorful Bottle Brush Trees
Wooden Reindeer | Wool Reindeer

For the actual dining room decor sources, click here!

Colorful Holiday Home Tour

We’re actually re-doing the living room next month-ish (YAY!) but we started by just replacing the mantle on the fireplace with a white one and it’s already SO MUCH BETTER! I think my bottle brush tree collection is one of my most prized possessions. I add a few every year and stick ’em in basically every room of the house. MOST are from Glitterville, but I’ve gotten a few others at various craft stores and boutiques.

DIY Felted Stripe Christmas StockingsColorful Holiday Home Tour

Living Room Christmas Decor Sources
DIY Felted Stripe Stockings | DIY Christmas Tree Wall Hanging
DIY Ornament Pillows | (Most) Bottle Brush Trees
Garlands from LEIF a few years ago!

Colorful Holiday Home Tour

Arlo’s room got a bunch of little touches! I recreated his door from last year and still love it just as much. And you guys, he LOVED decorating his tree this year!!!! He art directed the whole thing, pointing to where he wanted each ornament and then asking for “more” ornaments… and garlands… and lights… over and over. It was so cute.

It’s funny, last year I bought all these ornaments for the tree on a whim, not really knowing what he’d end up loving (he was only about 9 months!) and now cars, giraffes and elephants are a few of his favorite things!!

Colorful Holiday Home TourColorful Holiday Home TourColorful Holiday Home Tour

I think I have a garland problem. But I had to add some Christmas to his cactus and his rainbow wall hanging!!!

Colorful Holiday Home TourDIY Felt Truck Advent Calendar

Arlo has been way more into his advent calendar than I expected. He’s so proud every time he puts a present on the truck.

Colorful Holiday Home Tour

A few of his stuffed animals and books got little Santa hats too! (You can find our favorite holiday books here! And other favorite books here!) And our Christmas forest is living on the ledge in his room.

Colorful Holiday Home TourColorful Holiday Home Tour

Arlo’s Room Christmas Decor Sources
DIY Truck Advent Calendar | DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Forest
Christmas Light Garland | Rainbow Felt Ball Garlands from Michaels (Here’s a similar one!)
Bell GarlandRed Felt Ball Garland + Felt Stars | DIY Plush Reindeer Head
Santa Sack

For the actual room decor sources from Arlo’s room, click here!

Colorful Holiday Home TourColorful Holiday Home Tour

Photos by Jeff Mindell

And there you have it!! How crazy do you guys go with the holiday decor?? My mom used to add little bits and trinkets all OVER our house (to every cabinet, door, shelf) so I think it’s in my blood! 😉 And this is only like HALF of the things I wanted to do. LOL!! It really is the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!


  • Shilpa

    I looooove it! How do u manage time for all this? Do u do it alone or urteam helps u? I wish I could do half of this.

    • Kelly

      Haha! I don’t sleep much! 😉 I do all of the decorating myself, with some help from Jeff but I’m luckily that I kind of get to call it “work” since I share a lot of the projects here! Makes for a good excuse to make time for it!!

  • Taylor

    Where’s that basket from where all of Arlo’s stuffed animals are hanging? So cute! And LOVE all the holiday decorations – so festive!

  • Natalie

    What a fun house to grow up in! All the little touches are just so special. It warms my heart. Also, I got that lion rocker for my little girl this Christmas, and I can’t wait for her to take a ride.

  • Kristina B

    I LOVE the big bows on your tree! And the lights on Arlo’s cactus!

  • Indya | The Small Adventurer

    I absolutely adore everything you have done! Your house looks positively magical 😍 Putting Santa hats on photos is something I love doing, and this year I also put them on statues and figurines as we’re a nerdy family so we have quite a few. It’s very amusing to look at 😂 Also I’m TOTALLY turning a door into a present next year! Genius!

  • tirumala darshan

    Thank you.. Really i love your writing style i like this article “the mindwelling our holiday home tour” .

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    This is so stunning!! I love the decor so much! Thank you for the inspiration!

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