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What’s the best Mom advice you ever received??


What's the best mom advice you've received?

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. My second one! Wow, how time has flown. I was recently at a baby shower where we were asked to share our #1 piece of mom advice for the mama-to-be. It got me thinking about allllll the advice (often unwarranted!) that we get as moms and which pieces really stick. I thought I’d share some of my favorite nuggets I’ve received, one before I was a mom and one after. And then I’d love to hear yours.

What's the best mom advice you've received?

I’m partnering with Sephora for this post today, by the way! They have some really amazing gift sets for your mom that feel a little more personal than just your standard flowers or chocolates. The Sephora Favorites Kit Deluxe Perfume Sampler, for example, is one of my faves. It has ten mini sizes of their top selling perfumes so Mom can try ’em all out! (They’d also look so cute on her vanity!) Then, inside the box there’s a scent certificate that she can cash in for a full-size bottle of her fave! BAM! If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that I’m 100% turning into my mom. We have the same mannerisms, sweet tooth, look like identical twins (though she doesn’t see it!) and we even have the same taste in perfume. So basically this gift also doubles as a way for me to know what perfume  should get next too. Ha! But now, back to my Mom, I’ll start with her advice.

What's the best mom advice you've received?

When I was writing this, I asked her what she’d say her number one piece of parenting advice is and she said, “Always make sure your child knows you love them and be there for them. In good times and bad!” If that doesn’t define my mom, I don’t know what does. But I brought up another piece of advice she’s said frequently (And one that I vividly remember my best friend’s mom saying too), “Give your kids roots and wings.” I love the sentiment of that. To give your kids a strong foundation and home, but to be ready to watch them flourish and support them on their own journey, wherever that may take them. Though now that I (and my brothers) have moved across the country she always jokes, “Maybe we gave you too big of wings.” Haha!

What's the best mom advice you've received?

In one way or another, every mom friend of mine has told me this next piece of advice since we brought Arlo home. “You do you.” No two moms are the same, no two kids are the same, no two families are the same. You have to trust your gut and do what works for you. I remind myself of that every time I question a choice I make for Arlo and every time I compare myself to another mom. It is SO true and my greatest lesson learned thus far in my journey.

What's the best mom advice you've received?

Photos by Jeff Mindell

So now, I’d love to hear what’s the best piece of mama advice you’ve received?? Or, if you’re not a mom yet, what’s the best advice your parent or parental figure has given you? Would love to hear in the comments below!

And remember, if you still need a gift for that mama, mama friend, mama figure or any other lady you want to honor this weekend, pop by Sephora to check out their perfume sampler and help the ladies in your life treat themselves! They deserve it. (And so do you! Drop those hints, ladies!!)

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  • Kristina B

    Not advice, but things I picked up from my mom are that I can’t go to bed with dishes in the sink! I can’t even really function at all with dishes in the sink. And to always have flowers on the table.

  • Jonel

    My mother had passed away by the time I had my son so my best parenting advice came from my older sister. The first piece of advice was to use the powdered formula when I started to supplement my breast milk and to serve it at room temperature so you don’t get into the trap of having to heat it when the baby is ready for it now! Worked like a charm. The second piece was to read to my son as much as possible. He is 23 now and an avid read who is heading to grad school so that worked!

    • another momma

      Yes to serving room temp formula! My husband had another dad tell him to keep bottles of re-measure water in the baby’s room with pre-measured formula in small containers so you could easily feed the baby in the middle of the night. That was my favorite formula trick! Also, keeping the little pre-measured tupperware formula containers in the diaper bag and bottles of pre-measured water. It made it so much easier to feed a screaming hungry baby on the go!

      Also, remember to make time for yourself to do things on your own and just be a regular person (not a ‘mom’ or ‘dad’). Also, allow your partner to take that time for themselves, too. It seemed to work for us to have 1 night a week each to ourselves. It is so refreshing as a mom of an infant to go get a haircut or watch a movie by yourself!!

  • Calie Rodirugez

    I’m not a momma, but my mom would tell me “listen to your child”. I have had a few medical issues, stomach when I was younger and PCOS when I got a little older. Both things were a struggle and a fight with many doctors. Some implied, or flat out said, I was lying or other hurtful things. My mom stuck by me. She knew me and knew I wasn’t saying something was wrong for fun. She didn’t let the doctors bully me. She believed me. That meant the world to me when medical professionals were being cruel. It meant even more when I finally found a good one and received the diagnosis. I will always take that with me now. You know your loved ones well enough to know when something is wrong. Listen to them when they need you.

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