Five Things to do with Paper Doilies


My favorite Valentine’s Day craft supplies as a kid were paper doilies. I loved them and we had a craft cabinet full of them. So in honor of all who also have a special love for paper doilies. I’ve rounded up five great things to do with them! Get the kids involved and use these ideas for your last-minute Valentines this weekend or get prepped for your next party in need of a little lacey detail!

1. Embroidered Paper Doilies: Oh my goodness how simple and cute. A little baker’s twine goes a long way as embroidery on these doilies for an extra special touch!


Embroidered Doilies via Crescendoh

2. Paper Doily Cones: Wrap a doily into a cone shape and BOOM you have a holder for confetti. Because, who doesn’t want to throw confetti at a party?


Doily Cones via Heartmade

3. Paper Doily Parasols: Forget those cheap paper parasols from the party store, make your own out of doilies instead! These lacy versions would be so cute for an (iced) tea party or a feminine bridal shower.

diy-doily-drink-parasols diy-doily-drink-parasol

Doily Drink Parasols via Papermash

4. Paper Doily Envelope Liners: Spice up the inside of your Valentine envelopes with a doily envelope liner. This is as simple as spraying a little adhesive on the doily and sliding it into place. How do you like that?!


Doily Envelope Liners by Antiquaria via Oh So Beautiful Paper

5. Paper Doily Gift Wrap: Doilies make the perfect gift wrap accent. Attach ’em to packages and gift bags and there you have it! Do this with heart shaped doilies for Valentine’s Day and then file this idea away for the next holiday season!


Doily Gift Wrap via Wonder Forest

If you want to add a little color to any of the above ideas, here’s a great DIY tutorial for dying paper doilies! Pick a color, any color… then get to craftin’!

Have something you’d like to see in the “Five Things to do with…” series? Let me know in the comments below!

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