DIY Last Minute Halloween Costume Toppers
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DIY Clever Halloween Costume Toppers (Part 1)


Today’s DIY costumes are sponsored by Airheads.

I may be the type of girl that spends all year dreaming up my Halloween costume, and a month crafting it… but I have a feeling I’m in the minority on that front. Am I right? How many of you have scrambled the day before a Halloween party, putting together a costume from what you can find quickly or locally? Enter… costume toppers! It’s the term I deemed for these easy peasy DIY accessories that turn a regular outfit into an instant, clever costume. SHAZAM! You know what I like to call them? Costumes for those Airhead Moments. It’s cool. We all have them. And since it couldn’t be a more perfect pairing, Airheads (Candy, that is!) and I teamed up to bring you eight (yes, EIGHT!) of these quickie get-ups so you won’t have to worry about bumping into your fellow forgetful costume twin. Let’s do this!

DIY Clever Halloween Costume Toppers

Any guesses as to what crafty terms and phrases these costumes depict yet!? Luckily, you can just keep scrolling to get the answers….

 DIY Airhead Costume Supplies

And what could be more appropriate to kick this series off than with an airhead costume!? Could there be a better excuse for wearing balloons in your hair? I think not!

Balloons (These are 5″ ones, but regular size would work as well!)

Partially blow up three balloons (or however many you want!) and tie them off with a knot. Then “stretch” the tail out and tie each balloon in another knot around the headband to secure.

DIY "Airhead" Costume

Pair with an airy top and tousled hair. Done!

DIY Party Animal Costume Supplies

I know a lot of you last-minuters out there are party animals, so wear it loud, wear it proud!

Party Hat
Cardstock cut into ear shapes

For my zebra ears, I cut them into the appropriate shape and then took a sharpie and drew zebra lines on each. Then I pinched the bottom of each ear and stapled them to the hat.

DIY Party Animal Costume

Pair with animal print anything. Done!

DIY Apple of Your Eye Costume Supplies

Not to play favorites, but I think this one might be mine. “What are you?” they ask? Well, “I’m the apple of your eye,” is your answer. Hehe! BAM!

Heart Shaped Sunglasses (The “rounder” the bottoms the better!)
Craft Foam
Mod Podge + glitter (Optional)
Hot Glue

Cut out two stem shapes from brown foam and two leaf shapes from green foam. If desired, cover either or both with glitter using your mod podge. Let dry. Then hot glue your leaf to the back of your stem, and finally hot glue your stem to the center of each heart.

DIY "Apple of Your Eye" Costume

Pair with a cute red or green dress. Done!

DIY Heart of Gold Costume Supplies

Want to go for the sweet and innocent vibe without being just another angel”? Ah yes, how about being a heart of gold?

Metallic Gold Poster Board or Metallic Gold Paper
Gold Wire
Double Stick Tape

Cut out various heart shapes from your gold paper (Two for each heart “stem”.) Cut various lengths of wire as well. Tape together two heart shapes, sandwiching a wire in-between. Wrap the other end of your wires around your headband to secure.

DIY "Heart of Gold" Costume

Pair with hues of gold, yellow or mustard and some soft curls. Done!

All Photos by Studio DIY, Hair Styled by Lo Hendricks Hair

These costume toppers are also awesome for those of you who are just looking for a minimal costume that you can wear to school, work or a bar where bumping into people in a giant cake slice would be frowned upon. I’ll be back next Wednesday with four more speedy costume toppers to try. And believe me, they’re worth the wait!


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