Donut Marshmallows
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Donut Marshmallows


Donut Marshmallows

Ready for Donut Week, day two!? Seeing as it involves marshmallows… I bet you are!!! Back when I made these confetti marshmallow numbers, I was shocked at how easy it was to make homemade marshmallows, so now I just kind of want to make them into everything! Enter: donuts. Fun fact, have you checked out Tiffanie’s Donut Pan project? She actually did a donut pan version of marshmallow donuts last year! So we shall deem her the originator of this idea! (Thanks, Tiffanie!) I just happened to add “frosting” and sprinkles to mine, as apparently I do that to everything these days. Let’s get crackin’!

Donut Marshmallows

One Batch Homemade Marshmallows (I used this recipe. It made about a dozen 3″ donuts!)
Biscuit Cutter (I totally lost the inside to my biscuit cutter so I substituted with a pastry tip for the center.)
Chocolate and/or Candy Melts (“Frosting”)

Follow the directions for making and removing your marshmallows from the pan. Then use your biscuit cutter to cut out your donut shapes. (If you find them sticking, spray the biscuit cutter with cooking spray first!)

Donut Marshmallows Donut Marshmallows

Melt your chocolate and/or candy melts and use your spoon to “frost” the donuts. Sprinkle on your sprinkles and that’s it!

Donut Marshmallows Donut Marshmallows
Donut Marshmallows

You know what I want to do with these? I want to make S’MORES!!!!! Yes! Hellooo summer!

Donut Marshmallows

All Photos by Studio DIY

So what do you think? Are donut marshmallows, cookies or sprinkles currently your fave!? Or perhaps you’re still a donut donut purist. No judgement! I’m just gonna eat them all. See ya tomorrow with day three of this donutfest! And here’s a few more donut projects for your liking from some seriously talented food blogging folks!!!

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