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DIY Tropical Drink Piñata


DIY Tropical Drink Piñata |

It has been FAR too long since our last piñata and with summer on the brain… we made a big HUGE tropical drink piñata!!!! HAHA! It seems like each piñata we make gets bigger and bigger and I’m not mad about it. Especially when it has freaking ADORABLE “accessories” like that umbrella and the STRAW! So, who wants to make one!?

DIY Tropical Drink Piñata | studiodiy.comDIY Tropical Drink Piñata |

A quick note! I know we are lacking in step photos here. I’M SORRY! This piñata was made over the course of so many days and involved a lot of “figuring it out” and we just failed at taking step photos. But I have detailed written instructions below!

DIY Tropical Drink Piñata |

DIY Tropical Drink Piñata | DIY Tropical Drink Piñata |

DIY Tropical Drink Piñata

Total Time: 3 Hours + Paper Mache Drying Time


36″ Balloon
Newspaper (lots of newspaper!)
Flour and Water (To make paper mache paste)
Cardboard (We used two large 48x60" sheets)
Scotch Tape
School Glue
Hot Glue
Masking Tape
Pink Crepe Paper Streamers
Iridescent Mylar or Mylar Streamers
Paint in White and Straw Color of Your Choice
Yellow Cardstock/Poster Board
Cardboard Wrapping Paper Tube
Ribbon or Fishing Line


1. Follow the instructions in this post to make your paper mache sphere. You should leave one small hole in the sphere for filling with candy. (Not two as the tutorial suggests!)
2. Cut a large rectangle, about four feet wide and curve the top and bottom slightly. "Roll" the two short ends together, forming a wide and slightly angled cylinder, and glue together. Glue the cylinder to the sphere, centering the sphere's hole inside of it.
3. Cut a rectangle of cardboard about 18" tall and two feet wide. Roll it into a tube shape and hot glue the ends together. Then, hot glue the tube to the sphere, opposite the other cardboard you attached.
4. Cut a circle, about two feet wide. Then cut a slit down one side of it and in the center, cut a smaller circle, just larger than the width of the tube shape you made. This will form the base of the glass. Slip the circle over the bottom of the tube and glue the two sides of the slits together, as well as gluing the circle to the tube.
5. Fold several lengths of streamers onto each other and fringe one side of them. Repeat several times. We used about 1 large roll of streamers. Then do the same with the mylar.
6. Use scotch tape to tape the fringe mylar to the base of the glass in rows. Start at the very edge of the base and work your way inward and upwards, spacing each row about 1/2" apart. Then, cover the sphere and cylinder by gluing streamers in the same manner. Finish the top of the glass with about three more rows of mylar.
7. Cut out a half circle shape from your leftover cardboard and paint it white. Then cut out a yellow "rind" and wedge shapes and glue them to the half circle, like a lemon wedge. Paint the cardboard tube a color of your choice. Paint the inside of the cylinder white.
8. Cut a slit in the center of the lemon wedge and slip it over the "rim" of the glass. Hot glue the parasol to the side of the glass, and glue the cardboard tube to the other side. Carefully bend the cardboard tube and glue the bend in place if necessary.
9. Fill with candy through the hole you left. Poke a hole in both sides of the top of the glass and string a ribbon or fishing line through it for hanging.

DIY Tropical Drink Piñata | studiodiy.comDIY Tropical Drink Piñata | studiodiy.comDIY Tropical Drink Piñata | studiodiy.comDIY Tropical Drink Piñata |

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Craft Production by Annie Steward | Creative Direction by Kelly Mindell

Even if you’re not into piñatas for their traditional purpose, I think this would make a pretty darn awesome summer pool party accessory. Don’t you!? Just let it hang by that backyard tiki bar… or just use it as an excuse to get a backyard tiki bar. You’re welcome. 😉

p.s. An avocado piñata!


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