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What’s Your Christmas Aesthetic?


What's Your Christmas Aesthetic?

I had a blast putting together our summer aesthetic post, and since I very much believe everyone has their own Christmas aesthetic too, I had to do another! Are you someone who keeps a tried and true traditional Christmas style every year? Or do you change it up each holiday season?? Tell me in the comments which aesthetic fits YOUR vibe!

What's Your Christmas Aesthetic?

No.1 Furby Sweatshirt | No. 2 Lip Smackers Ornament
No. 3 *NSYNC Christmas Album | No. 4 Glen Coco Socks
No. 5 Disco Ball Tree Topper | No. 6 Spice Girls Sweater
No. 7 Glitter Jelly Sandals | No. 8 Christmas Troll Pin
No. 9 DIY Cassette Tape Gift Wrap

What's Your Christmas Aesthetic?

No. 1 Gingerbread Man Pin | No. 2 Donut Pin
No. 3 Sweatshirt | No. 4 Peppermint Gift Wrap
No. 5 DIY Figgy Pudding Flats | No. 6 Ice Cream Truck Ornament
No. 7 Doormat | No. 8 Twizzlers Ornament
No. 9 Pink Tree | No. 10 Gingerbread Slippers
No. 11 Peppermint Snow Tube | No. 12 Elf Movie

What's Your Christmas Aesthetic?

No. 1 Christmas Phone | No. 2 Peppermint Pin
No. 3 Christmas Sweater | No. 4 Gift Bow Wrapping Paper
No. 5 Reindeer Purse | No. 6 Santa Phone Case
No. 7 Christmas Tree Headband | No. 8 Gold Bow Ornament
No. 9 Santa Plates | No. 10 Filthy Animal Sunglasses
No. 11 Gold Boots

What's Your Christmas Aesthetic?

No. 1 Garland | No. 2 Holiday Confetti Crackers
No. 3 Color Spectrum Ornaments | No. 4 Rainbow Ornament
No. 5 Candy Cane Pin | No. 6 Faux Fur Stockings
No. 7 Hot Pink Tree | No. 8 Blue Ruffle Shoes

What's Your Christmas Aesthetic?

No. 1 Cactus Snow Globe Pin | No. 2 Christmas A-Frame Pin
No. 3 Tropical Ornaments | No. 4 Flamingo Wrapping Paper
No. 5 DIY Christmas Tree Cactus | No. 6 Chill Santa Pin
No. 7 DIY Mini Retro Houses | No. 8 Flamingo Ornament
No. 9 Have A Cool Yule Garland | No. 10 Flamingle Sweatshirt

Top Photo by Mary Costa

So… which one is it gonna be!? I’m feelin’ Christmas In Paradise this year since we’re having a California christmas! Though I’m secretly a traditional Christmas gal at heart.

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