All About This “V-Cut” Shoe Trend (+ 20 Pairs I’m Loving!)


My Favorite V-Cut Shoes

I almost didn’t write this post because I couldn’t figure out what the heck these were called! Haha! But as I do my (ehm, weekly) shoe shopping I’ve been noticing a lot of these “high cut” shoes. Sometimes they are “v-cut” sometimes they’re “glove” style… whatever they are. I like ’em. Have you noticed them too?

They basically look like a regular pump or mule but have a higher, often v-shaped, cut than a normal shoe. Samantha calls them “old lady” shoes, which is pretty accurate. Also accurate: I want a pair in every color. So instead of breaking the bank on doing that, I just bought a few (LOL) and rounded up the rest for you guys to see!

12 Pairs V-Cut Shoes

No. 1 White V-Cut Slingbacks | No. 2 Silver V-Cut Pumps
No. 3 Blue V-Cut Block Heels | No. 4 Turquoise V-Cut Pumps
No. 5 Periwinkle Glove Shoes | No. 6 Metallic Pink V-Cut Pumps
No. 7 Red V-Cut Slingback Sandals | No. 8 Orange V-Cut Pumps
N0. 9 Peach V-Cut Heels | No. 10 Rose Gold V-Cut Flats
No. 11 Gold V-Cut Mules | No. 12 Yellow V-Cut Heels

So what are your thoughts on this style? Love? Hate? I feel like it’s an acquired taste, but perhaps I’ve convinced you! I’m pretty into it.

p.s. How to Clean Colorful Suede!


  • Michelle

    They’re very chic, I love number 3!

  • les

    i LOVE the V shape shoes. (but only flats!)

    Old navy usually has a good selection there.
    i always buy in bulk when i find them!

  • Kylie

    I love when you do clothes/accessory round-ups! Please keep them coming! xo

    • Kelly

      Thanks Kylie!! Good to know!! Let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to see! =)

  • Rebecca

    I have always loved this style of shoes. Growing up, they always had several (hundred) pairs at my local thrift store. Thinking back, I have so much regret for not buying every pair because I was young and they weren’t “trendy.” I love the retro vibe of them!

    • Kelly

      Ha I have so many similar regrets! Like how I always made fun of my Grandma’s (original, mid-century) furniture and now I’m all “So do you really still need this, Grandma?? Can I take it off your hands?” Haha!

  • Kristina B

    I gotta pass on this one. My feet are pretty big and this style would make them look like cruise ships on the ends of my ankles.

  • Arco

    Nice collection! I loved No.8 they are awesome.

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