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DIY Lawn Flamingo Costume + Cactus Baby Costume (+ A GIVEAWAY!!)


DIY Lawn Flamingo and Cactus Mommy and Me Costume

Keeping with a Palm Springs theme, we had to add a DIY lawn flamingo costume to the mix!!! Silver leg(ing)s and all!!!! Samantha had the genius idea to make the hat a baseball cap which I’m VERY into! And of course, we had to bring back our cactus costume in mini form for baby Arlo to go with!!

AND!!! We’ve got a HUGE giveaway for those of you workin’ on your kiddos costumes… we’re giving away $100 to June & January AND $100 to Freshly Picked to one lucky winner!!!!! That’s what we’re using this year for all of baby A’s costumes and they’re the perfect canvas for so many ideas. You can enter to win RIGHT HERE!

DIY Cactus Baby CostumeDIY Lawn Flamingo Costume

By the way, if you’re headed some place where a leotard is not appropriate attire, you could totally do this with a dress and the silver leggings underneath. We just like to take things to the next level of insanity. Haha!

DIY Lawn Flamingo + Cactus Baby Costume

Total Time: One Hour


For the lawn flamingo:

Black Foam
Yellow Foam
Hot Pink Foam
Computer Paper
Pink Baseball Hat
Hot Glue Gun
Safety Pins
Pink Leotard or Dress
Silver Leggings
Silver Shoes

For the cactus:

White Yarn
Pink and/or Yellow Yarn
Pom Pom Maker
Large Eye Needle
Green Long Sleeve Jumper
Green Hat
Pink Moccs


To make the lawn flamingo:

1. Trace the brim of your hat on a piece of computer paper. Cut out.
2. Lay the template on top of the yellow foam. You're going to want to cut your foam about 1/2" wider than the template on each of the two sides.
3. Now cut a piece of black foam, about the width of the end of the brim that comes to a slightly curved point in the middle. Then cut out two small black circles (for eyes).
4. Glue the yellow foam to the baseball hat, so it curves up slightly onto the hat part itself (not just the brim).
5. Glue the black piece on top, so it hangs off the edge of the brim. And finally glue the black circles to the sides of the hat.
6. Take a full sheet of hot pink foam and cut one end so it forms into a point (making a tail shape).
7. Put on your leggings and leotard and then pin the tail to the back of your leotard. Add the hat and shoes and you're ready to go!

To make the cactus:

1. Thread a large eye needle with white yarn.
2. Make a small stitch through the front of the jumpsuit and trim so you have about a 2-3" long piece of yarn.
3. Tie a double knot in the yarn, securing it to the jumpsuit, and leaving the ends long to act as cactus "spikes." Repeat all over the jumpsuit.
4. Follow the instructions that come with your pom pom maker to make 2-3 pom poms out of your yellow/pink yarn.
5. Hot glue them to one side of the hat. It might be helpful to try the hat on the baby first to see where exactly you want them placed!

DIY Lawn Flamingo and Cactus Mommy and Me CostumeDIY Lawn Flamingo and Cactus Mommy and Me CostumeDIY Lawn Flamingo and Cactus Mommy and Me Costume

Photos by Jeff Mindell

Now if only I could convince Jeff to wear the pink door costume… haha! Somehow I think that will be harder sell than the notebook t-shirt. And remember, don’t forget to enter that giveaway!!!!

p.s. An adult cactus costume, too!





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