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2018 Free Printable Wall Calendar


2018 Free Printable Wall Calendar

We debuted our 2018 free printable wall calendar to our email list at the very beginning of this year (Are you on the list yet!? Don’t miss out on being the first to snag some exclusive freebies!!! Lots in store this year.) but wanted to share it here too for those of you who were “unplugged” for the holiday season and missed out!

This calendar was CRAZY popular this year and I’m so glad so many of you have already been loving it this year, too!! We worked with Lark+Raven, one of my favorite illustrators, for this edition and it’s so. DARN. CUTE! We jam packed it with lots of hilarious holidays and important anniversaries, too. Catch a few sneak peeks here and download the full calendar at the link below!

2018 Free Printable Wall Calendar2018 Free Printable Wall Calendar


Click HERE to download the 2018 free printable wall calendar!

As far as printing goes, you can print the file double-sided. All printers are different so I have provided two files depending on how your printer works. I recommend testing a few pages to see how it prints before printing the entire thing.

It will print on 8.5 x 11″ paper with a white border which I chose to trim off before binding it!

If you would prefer a DIY binding, print it and punch four holes across the top, through all the layers, then tie with ribbon or secure with small binder rings. I hung mine with a binder clip and command hook, but you could alternatively punch a hole through all layers on the bottom and hang directly on the wall with a nail/hook!

2018 Free Printable Wall Calendar2018 Free Printable Wall Calendar

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Calendar Design by Lark+Raven

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Keep sharing and tagging on your Instagram + stories so I can see them hanging in your homes and offices!!! I’ve been sharing lots of the snaps you’re sending on my stories!! Makes me so happy to see this out in the wild!

And don’t forget to check out Lark+Raven for more amazing stationery, art prints, gift wrap and more!! So glad we got to work together on this project!!


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