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26 Bold + Colorful Wallpapers for Kids’ Rooms


Bold + Colorful Wallpaper for Kids Rooms

I’ve been doing a hefty amount of wallpaper research because 1) I want to wallpaper one wall of our bathroom, 2) I’m considering wallpapering something in the new nursery and 3) I want to turn Arlo’s closet into a fort and wallpaper it, too! I’ve always been a little afraid of wallpaper because I change my mind really fast and it feels like such a commitment. (This is also why I don’t have any tattoos. Ha!) But, I’m starting to come around and crave the layer of pattern it brings, especially after all the amazing ones I’ve found!! Here’s some I love for kids rooms, powder rooms, closets and more!!

Bold Colorful Wallpaper for Kids Rooms

No. 1 Strawberry Wallpaper | N0. 2 Leopard Wallpaper | No. 3 Terrazzo Wallpaper
No. 4 Palm Leaf Wallpaper | No. 5 Sketchbook Wallpaper | No. 6 Surfer Wallpaper
No. 7 Citrus Wallpaper | No. 8 Jungle Wallpaper | No. 9 Bunny Wallpaper
No. 10 Puppy Wallpaper | No. 11 Lemon Wallpaper | No. 12 Wild Thing Wallpaper

Bold Colorful Wallpaper for Kids Rooms

Graphic by Meagan Knight for Studio DIY

No. 13 Blue Tropical Wallpaper | No. 14 Neutral Floral Wallpaper | No. 15 Space Wallpaper
No. 16 Rainbow Wallpaper | No. 17 Abstract Wallpaper | No. 18 Tiger Wallpaper
No. 19 Phoenix Wallpaper | No. 20 Geometric Wallpaper | No. 21 Woodland Wallpaper
No. 22 Skyline Wall Mural | No. 23 Banana Leaf Wall Mural | No. 24 Pink Stripe Wallpaper
No. 25 Beetle Wallpaper | No. 26 Floral Wall Mural

I’m eyeing #16 for Arlo’s closet, #18 for our kids bathroom and TBD on the nursery!!!!!

Which one is your fave!?!?


  • Heather O.

    Oh my goodness these are amazing! 3, 13 and 15 are some of my favorites! They’re all so good though!

  • Kali

    Omgosh 16 is PERFECTION. LOVE IT!!

  • Hester

    Love them all!!! But especially 12, 20 and 22.
    I’m a big lover of wallpaper, it’s the best for adding colour, texture or a bit of fun to your room. I always do just one accent wall though and stay clear of the 90’s nightmare of papering a whole room top to bottom 🤣
    If your not sure why don’t you try a peel and stick wallpaper first? You can remove that super easily without to much effort or damaging your wall. I like switching my wallpapers up and often change them to update the house. I even made my own when I couldn’t find what I wanted (I did a doodle wall in our bedroom, Matisse inspired wall in our toilet and massive 18th century painting mural in our lounge) I just used number 13 in a playhouse I build my little girl 😀

  • Leah

    Check out Flat Vernacular sticker wallpaper which will fulfill all your wallpaper desires.

  • Kaylyn

    I don’t have children and I’m not a child, but I’d like all of them please!

  • Astek Home

    Beautiful roundup. We would love to help you design custom wallpaper for any space! Wallpaper can feel like a big commitment, so we offer peel-and-stick removable options too. 😉

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