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DIY Candy Necklace Costume (+ Sweet Tooth Couples Costume)


DIY Candy Necklace Costume

If you want a costume that you can quite literally throw on like a feather boa around your neck, this is for you! A DIY candy necklace costume!!! Had the vision for this one after we did our candy and sweet tooth costume for Arlo’s first Halloween and now here it is! I even made Jeff break out his sweet tooth costume to pair with this one too, since it goes so well for a couples idea!

If you have some tired pool noodles from a few too many summers in the sun, this is a great way to reuse them because you can just paint them and give ’em a whole new life as a costume!

DIY Candy Necklace CostumeDIY Candy Necklace Costume

DIY Candy Necklace Costume

Total Time: 2 Hours + Dry Time


For the Candy Necklace:

Pool Noodles (The wider ones are great for this, but use what you have if you have some already!)
Spray Paint in White, Yellow, Turquoise and Pink/Salmon
Box Cuter or Large Kitchen Knife

For the Sweet Tooth:

Foam Board
Scissors or X-Acto Knife
Elastic or Ribbon (for straps)
Lollipop (for a prop!)


For the Candy Necklace:

1. Carefully use a box cutter or knife to cut your pool noodles into 2-3" wide sections.
2. Cut around the edges of each section you just cut at a diagonal. This forms that little ridge that the candy on a candy necklace has!
3. Separate them out into four equal groups and spray paint each group a different color. Spray one side, let dry in between, then flip and spray the other side! Make sure you're getting the sides as well. Let dry completely.
4. String them, sporadically, candy necklaces never have a strict pattern or order of colors, onto a piece of rope until you have the desired length. Cut and tie the two ends of the rope together!
5. You can simply wear it around your neck/arms like a boa, or you can tack it with some stitches through one of the candy pieces and through whatever shirt/outfit you're wearing so it stays permanently in one place. Then you can just snip off the thread later and have the outfit back to normal!

For the Sweet Tooth:

1. Draw a tooth shape on your foam board.
2. Cut out the shape. It's best to use an x-acto knife and cut through the top layer of the board, and then go back over it to cut through the bottom layer.
3. Hot glue an elastic or ribbon to each side of the tooth to be worn around the back of the neck.

DIY Candy Necklace CostumeDIY Candy Necklace CostumeDIY Candy Necklace Costume

Photos by Jeff Mindell

We’ve got a few other great candy costumes in the archives that would be fun to pair this with for a group, like our ring pop, bubblegum, rock candy and gumball machine ones!


  • Kathleen Ballos

    This is amazing! The candy necklace looks so real!

  • Shannon

    Love this! But where did you find the blue jumpsuit? It really makes the costume!

  • Christina

    I’m discovering this post a little too late to do it for Halloween but… now I’m thinking of doing this for a Christmas Candyland try with this as garland so thank you for the amazing idea!

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