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My Colorful Fall Capsule Wardrobe!


Colorful Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Yayyy!!!!! It’s here! My colorful fall capsule wardrobe! I’ve been talking on Instagram and Snapchat about this for weeks and I’m excited to finally share it!

I’m so fascinated by the idea of a capsule wardrobe and have been wanting to try one for so long. BUT! I hadn’t seen very many colorful capsule wardrobes, most just seemed to be neutrals. So I recruited my friend Jordy who’s a stylist to help me put my own spin on the concept!! She helped me clean out my entire closet (studio sale soon, hopefully!), find items I love and make TOO many outfits to count.

I put together a video sharing more details about how we put together the capsule and my tips for making one of your own. And! I also do a little try-on haul of my favorite new pieces we found! Check it out!!

I’ve broken down my 35 piece wardrobe and linked all the items, or similar items, below! Remember, there’s no “set” number of any item for a capsule, and it should adapt based on where you live or what you love most.

10 Total: 2 T Shirts, 3 Button Downs, 5 Blouses or Other Shirts

Rose Tee (similar) | Striped Tee (similar here and here)
Happy Vibes Button Down (simliar) | Plaid Button Down (similar)
Mustard Long Sleeve Shirt | Green Tank (similar) | Drink Button Down*
Mustard Tank (similar here and here) | Red Blouse (similar)
Stripe Mock Turtleneck (similar)

*We didn’t receive the drink button down in time for our shoot, but I can’t wait to incorporate it!

5 Total: 2 Cardigans, 2 Pullovers, 1 Sweatshirt

Yellow Sweater (similar) | K Sweatshirt (similar)
Ruffle Pink Sweater (similar here and here) | Green Cardigan (similar)
Long Grey Cardigan (similar)

4 Total: 2 Blazers, 1 Jean Jacket, 1 Leather Jacket

Pink Leather Jacket | Red Blazer (similar)
Pink Duster (similar) | Jean Jacket

7 Total: 2 Skirts, 3 Jeans, 2 Pants

Mini Pink Partyskirt (c/o) | Gingham Skirt (similar) |
Pink Cullotes (similar
here or here) | Red-Orange Pants (similar) | Straight Jeans
Skinny Jeans | White Jeans

Full Pieces
3 Total: 2 Dresses, 1 Jumpsuit

Denim Jumper (similar here and here) | Patterned Dress (similar here)
Green Jumpsuit (similar here and here)

6 Total: 1 Boot, 2 Flats, 3 Heels (One each low, medium and high!)

Gold Ankle Boots (similar) | Blush Mules (similar) | Rose Gold Flats (similar)
Red Heels (similar here and here) | Silver Mules (similar) | Green Flats (similar)

Jordy + I put together 30 outfits to start but there are SO many more possibilities!!!

Colorful Fall Capsule Wardrobe Colorful Fall Capsule Wardrobe Colorful Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Styling by Jordy Scheinberg

All the girls in the office were giving each outfit a different name. Like “4th Grade Art Teacher” or “Cool Real Estate Agent” or “Modern Day Rizzo”. Hahaha!

Anyway… Every week for the next couple months, you’ll be able to see how I actually use and wear the wardrobe in my Work It posts every Friday. I’m excited to mix in some new looks as I go, along with some of the ones you see here. LIKE THE PANTS SUIT WHICH I AM LIVING FOR!!!!!

Have you ever tried a capsule wardrobe? If you want to take on the colorful capsule adventure with me, be sure to share your outfit photos with #troopstudiodiy so I can see ’em!!


  • Michelle

    I love love love that green jumpsuit!

  • Elise Laney

    Oh my goodness. This is amazing. Major props to,you guys…I can’t imagine how many hours it took to compile, style, shoot, etc. ❤

    • Kelly

      Thanks Elise!! It definitely was a big undertaking, but it was super fun working with Jordy and putting it together!

  • Erin Maree

    We are heading in to spring here (living in Aus!) and I am so over my winter wardrobe! I love certain pieces in it but the rest I am over and just want to break out the dresses and maxi skirts 🙂 I have just bought a new dress (actually in your colour palate! Its black with white/orange/pink flowers on it) I probably don’t need a new dress but its wash and wear and I can dress it up or down. I can never go shopping with a list and get what I want, so I just grab pieces when I see them. I tend to go shopping once a week, so I just keep a list in my head and if I see something I grab it.
    I do love your bright colours and how your wardrobe isn’t boring by any standard! Sometimes a bright outfit can really change your mood 🙂

    • Kelly

      I’m totally the same way with shopping. If I’m looking for something specific, I’ll NEVER find it! I usually just grab stuff as I see it too, so it was good I had someone like Jordy to help me stay on track here! Haha! (And that dress sounds so cute!)

  • Hannahbelle

    Hey Kelly! I wanted to just say KUDOS for being the first (or maybe one of the first, but the first I’ve read) to say it’s okay to have color in your capsule. I have been working on a capsule wardrobe for a few years now (it’s a process for me, because I don’t have many clothes and I am adding things slowly.) I think a capsule is a great way to have an awesome wardrobe that isn’t out of control or overwhelming, but also a good way to address concerns that I have about where my clothes come from. By adding 1 – 2 pieces each season to my capsule as things start looking worn/sad/wearing out, I can replace them with things that I either make myself or that I know come from reputable sources.

    I know that this isn’t a concern for everyone, but I feel that most people who it is a concern for are going with highly minimalist and neutral wardrobes, so I had to stop following a lot of those blogs for fear of totally losing my voice and who I am personally in other people’s ideals. I think that having a great balance of color and neutral is much more appealing (I love print and color) and I love that you addressed that here. Loved the video and love the idea! Thanks for inspiring me today on my own journey for a sustainable colorful capsule!

    • Kelly

      Hannahbelle! You’re comment made me so happy! First of all, I LOVE that you’re building yours over time. It means that you will truly love EVERYTHING which is awesome. And I’m so glad to hear that you found it inspiring!!! We are definitely not minimalists around these parts. Haha!

  • Kristina B

    Agreeing with Hannah, I’ve only seen super neutral capsules and I was like BO-O-O-O-ORI-I-I-ING!!!!! and assumed capsule was not for me but this looks scary but doable. I can’t believe you include shoes!! That is brave! And I’ve seen your shoe collection….

    • Kelly

      I definitely assumed the same about capsules at first but then I was like wait… I’m gonna make this HAPPEN! The shoes were tough. Haha! I’ve already seen like 20 pairs that I want since we shot this. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!!!

  • elsie

    FAVE POST EVER!!!! This is so inspiring!
    xx- Elsie

  • Pat

    I love the red suit, the green jumpsuit and the pink blazer coat.

  • Leah / Freutcake

    So cute Kelly! I also LOVE gingham so much as well as high waisted jeans. Those are my jam.

  • Zoë

    EEEEK! This was one of my favorite posts to date! I love the details, the color palette, the video—EVERYTHING. You’re such an inspiration. I really want to make a colorful capsule now, too. (raise the roof and salsa emoji!)

  • Helen

    OMG! This is amazing! I love all of the color!

    XO Helen |

  • Michelle H

    Hands down my fav is the green jumpsuit with gold belt snd green shoes. You should be the model snd stylist in that online catalog since you rocked it! When I clicked the link for the jumpsuit retailer, It fell flat. I would have passed the item over if I had seen the retailer catalog first. You have probably started a stampede for this jumpsuit.

  • Karyn

    Thanks for this! Your “Work it” posts keep me coming back every Friday, so it’s fun to get a more in-depth look at all the pieces. Very inspirational.

  • Tessa

    Absolutely love the idea of a colorful capsule. Why is it that wardrobes like this resemble tv show wardrobes (like Jess!) and therefore seem a little too flamboyant for real life? Even when they aren’t? It seems utterly ridiculous to me that we are “allowed” to wear neutral suits, but a red suit gets, “What are you wearing?!”. I’d be so interested to hear people’s responses to your wardrobe. I’ve always loved the care and detail that used to go into clothing wardrobes and I really feel like we need to get back to it.

  • Eleanor

    I love your style as usual– my favorite look pictured above is the denim dress, green cardi and pink coat– I really like the blazer coat situation there.

    Important– do you watch Catastrophe? You and Sharon are like the same when it comes to style. Love it! Maybe they read the blog before styling that show.

  • Hannah

    Not all heros wear capes. Thank you for showin’ us how this is done with a rainbow wardrobe! Mad props to you and Jordy for making this happen. 🙂

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  • Natalie

    Oh gosh! That capsule wardrobe is AMAZING. I’ve always admired people who can stick to a capsule wardrobe, I just don’t think I could do it. I am IN LOVE with that ruffle sleeved jumper and the pink leather jacket!

  • Jessie @ Chasing Belle

    I fell instantly in love with your blog once I saw this! I really appreciate this capsule wardrobe as I gravitate towards bright colors and hate to let go of them come fall. I am adding that scalloped sweater and rose tee to my closet!

  • Oonagh

    AHHH! I love this so much! Just discovered it and all the clothes links are sold out or 404. Any chance you’ll repeat this for spring?

    • Kelly

      Capsule wardrobe was a little difficult, but I may do it again for spring! Still deciding!

  • Gloria

    OMG finally!!! I am latina and for us dressing in neutrals is the most boring thing ever. I have been thinking about starting a capsule wardrobe but the only ones I saw were in neutrals so this is very exciting and full of great ideas!

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