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DIY Blendo Manicure


DIY Blendo Manicure

It seemed like a pretty good idea to turn our DIY ombre glasses into a DIY blendo ombré manicure… and it was! I love how this mani fades from a bold color to neutral. It’s such a fun option for summer and, you know, just life in general. Plus it was a great excuse to break out my blendo collection again!

DIY Blendo Manicure

 DIY Blendo Manicure DIY Blendo Manicure

DIY Blendo Manicure

Total Time: One Hour


Clear Nail Polish
Color Nail Polish of Your Choice
Makeup Sponge
Top Coat


1. Paint your nails with a coat of clear nail polish and let dry completely.
2. Cut a small section, about 1/4" wide and about the depth of your nail, off the sponge off the end and paint a thin coat of your colored nail polish onto it.
3. Dap a lot coat over half of your nail with the sponge. Repeat as necessary, concentrating more of the polish towards the tip of your nail so the color gradually fades into the clear coat you already painted. Repeat on all nails and let dry.
4. Paint a top coat to seal the deal!

DIY Blendo Manicure DIY Blendo ManicureDIY Blendo Manicure

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Manicure by Beautilitarian

 I love the idea of doing a different color on each nail for a blendo ombre rainbow mani! If you’re feeling ambitious, of course. 😉

p.s. DIY Colombré Hair!


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