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DIY Cotton Candy Piñata


DIY Cotton Candy Piñata |

So I was TRYING to save this DIY cotton candy piñata for what I thought was National Cotton Candy Day in December but it turns out… there’s multiple cotton candy days!? I can’t even keep track anymore. But according to SOMEONE on the Internet, July 31st is also cotton candy day and I’m down to celebrate if it means not having to wait 5 more months! I used the same base for this as I used for my pineapple piñata and whadya know, cocoon lanterns are pretty darn versatile! I think cotton candy is about to have its moment, you guys. MARK MY WORDS!

DIY Cotton Candy PIñata

DIY Cotton Candy Piñata

Cocoon Lantern
Polyester Stuffing
Pink Spray Paint
White Computer Paper
Hot Glue Gun
Fishing Line

DIY Cotton Candy Piñata DIY Cotton Candy Piñata
DIY Cotton Candy Piñata DIY Cotton Candy Piñata
DIY Cotton Candy Piñata DIY Cotton Candy Piñata
DIY Cotton Candy Piñata DIY Cotton Candy Piñata

1. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint your cotton fill pink and let dry. Because of the nature of the stuffing, there will be some variation in color and that’s a-ok!
2. Working your way around the lantern, from top to bottom, hot glue the stuffing to the outside of your lantern.
3. Layer two pieces of computer paper as shown and roll them together forming a cone.
4. Trim the cone to the length you want it.
5. Hot glue the cone to the inside of the lantern. You can either glue it directly to one side of the lantern, or pinch the two top ends of the cone together over the metal support for the lantern and glue.
6. Tie a piece of fishing line to the top of the metal support in the lantern. When ready to fill with candy, cut a circle of paper or cardstock about 1/2 bigger than the bottom opening of the lantern and place inside ontop of the opening. Then fill and you’re ready to go!

DIY Cotton Candy Piñata
DIY Cotton Candy PIñata

Photos by Jeff Mindell

This would also make such a fun piece in a kid’s room, wouldn’t it!? Who says you gotta smash a piñata anyway!!??

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