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DIY Disco Ball Costume


DIY Disco Ball Costume

There’s been a resounding chorus of “NO THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE!” between everyone at the studio each time we complete a costume, but this disco ball costume is gunning PRETTY hard for that spot. Now, this guy does involve a little paper mache, so it’s one of our more time intensive costumes, but if you could do it in elementary school, you can do it now. And JUST LOOK AT THE RESULTS!!!!!

DIY Disco Ball Costume
DIY Disco Ball Costume


36″ Balloon
Newspaper (lots of newspaper!)
Flour and Water (To make paper mache paste)
Holographic Bird Tape/Ribbon (We used 1 1/2 rolls)
Scotch Tape
Sequin Trim or Silver Ribbon
Silver Top, Shorts (I just wore jean shorts, they don’t show!) and Disco Heels!

DIY Disco Ball Costume DIY Disco Ball Costume
DIY Disco Ball Costume DIY Disco Ball Costume


1. Make your paper mache paste, using a one to one ratio of water and flour. The paste should be a thick glue like texture. If it’s too thick, add a bit more water. Tear the newspaper into long thin strips. Fully inflate a 36″ balloon with air and set it on something like a box to keep it from rolling around. Begin your first layer of paper mache. Dip each strip of newspaper into the paper mache and squeeze off the excess with your fingers, then place on the balloon. Cover the entire balloon in one layer and let dry completely.
2. Repeat three more times so you have four layers total. This is really important so the ball is nice and sturdy for the costume. Once the fourth layer is completely dry, deflate the balloon and you’ll be left with the base of your disco ball!
3. You’ll need to cut a hole in the top and bottom of the disco ball that is big enough for you to fit through. (I get into it by putting it over my head, FYI!). The bottom hole should be a bit wider since you’ll need to be able to move your legs so you can walk (you know, kind of important. ha!).
4. Cut long strips of the holographic ribbon and fringe one side of each. Then, starting at the bottom of your disco ball, tape a row of fringe on. I find just using small pieces of regular tape to secure the strips every couple inches is the best way to do this. Continue taping rows of fringe on all the way up the disco ball, spacing them each about 1/2″ apart, until it’s completely covered.
5. Lastly, you need to add straps to the costume. Have someone help you measure the right strap length while you’re wearing the costume, then staple, hot glue or duct tape the straps to the inside of the costume. Wear with a silver shirt and shorts (they won’t show) underneath, and some disco heels obviously!

DIY Disco Ball Costume
DIY Disco Ball Costume
(I like to call this “sultry” disco ball”! HAHAHA!)

DIY Disco Ball Costume

Photos by Jeff Mindell

Time to disco dance all the way from Halloween to New Year’s you guys!!!!!

p.s. Oh Happy Day kicked off their annual Handmade Halloween series with a disco ball costume for the kiddos too! GAH, who wouldn’t want to be a disco ball family!? Go check it out! Plus, literally all of their costumes are amazing, it’s one of the series I look forward to reading all year. I mean… mini Anna Wintour? Yes.

If you make a Studio DIY costume, share it on Instagram with #studiodiyincostume to be featured here on the blog (and for a chance at some other cool surprises we have in store!)!!


  • brittni

    Love this costume, Kel. The holographic tape is genius.

  • Rachel | The Crafted Life

    Yessss! Also, can you please do a diy where you make it a wearable skirt for the rest of the year? Such a dream!

  • Mary Costa Photography

    I’m dying over all of these costumes!!! You keep outdoing yourself! Such incredible work. I think Jeff in an all-white suit and gold chain would’ve made a spectacular addition to this one….!! 🙂

  • Brittany

    That Sultry Disco Ball pose is the best!!! Using holographic bird tape is such a brilliant idea!

  • Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

    Soooooo sparkly hilarious awesome!!! This made me smile. Xo

  • Lacey

    oh stop!!!! This is so cute!!! Keep em coming!!! : )

  • Meg Siobhan

    That’s a pretty damn awesome costume! Love it.

  • Team Yellow

    I really like this! You always have such good ideas 🙂

  • ally

    Hey there. Love this costume! I’m going to try this myself this year!

    Instead of mirrored paper, I’m thinking of using mirrored fabric (below) – do you think that would be better easier?

    Instead of putting the ball over my whole body I’m going to try to just do the bottom half as below, do you think that would be more difficult?

    Was the edges of the paper mache uncomfortable for you? Like did it scratch? I’m worried about that part.

    Where did you find the silver straps? How did you put them on?

    Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

    • Kelly

      The fabric should work, you would have to wrap it around the ball and attach it from the inside. The paper mache was not uncomfortable, but if you’re using fabric it will cover the edges anyway most likely! The straps are sequin trim that I bought at a craft store, you can adhere them by stapling, hot gluing or duct taping. Can’t wait to see your version of this costume, be sure to share on Instagram with #studiodiyincostume!

  • Gia

    This seems silly but I want to make sure. Did you fully fully inflate the balloon? If so we’re you able to fit through the door with your costume?! I’m not sure if my apt has super tiny door frames or not but my balloon wouldn’t fit through! Thank you!

    • Kelly

      I’d say I filled it up almost all the way, but not quite 100%. Regardless though, a 36″ balloon should fit through most normal size doorways. If you’re concerned you can absolutely make it smaller and it will work just fine, might just be a little shorter so I’d recommend wearing some fun metallic leggings underneath!

  • Melissa @deloom

    Ga! I love this one more! Now I have to decide between the hamburger and the disco ball. Decisions, decisions… lol

  • claireabellemakes

    That last photo of you is probably the best picture you ever shared!! HA! This is such a cool costume idea.

  • Pamela

    Hi kelly awesome disco ball!!! I’m trying to make one for my boyfriend but I think I might need a bigger balloon, where did you buy yours at?

    • Kelly

      I bought mine at a local party store! Party City would have them if you have one near you. This is the biggest size typical stores sell, and the best option as anything bigger than 36″ might be hard to fit through doors etc. Hope that helps!

  • Najmia Pack

    Dear Kelly,

    I love your costumes, I cannot wait to show them off to the world ! Although I was wondering if you would be able to comfortably be able to sit down and walk in this fantastic costume ? Feed back is much valued ?

    Stay Fabulous !

    • Kelly

      Thank you!! You can definitely walk in this costume, just make sure you cut the hole in the bottom big enough that you can move your legs! Sitting is possible, but a bit challenging. You’d need to make sure you had a lot of room around you so the costume didn’t get crushed by the back of a chair, etc! Hope that helps!

  • Najmia Pack

    Yes it does ! Thank you soooo much ?

  • Jenna

    So, the two balloons I bought to make this somehow POPPED! 🙁 … And the craft stores around me don’t have 36″ balloons. Do you think a 24″ will work or even a big exercise ball? Thanks for all the great ideas!

    • Kelly

      Ah shoot!! I think a 24″ might be too small, but an exercise ball should work! Since it won’t “deflate” as well as a balloon, you might need to cut the larger holes in the top/bottom BEFORE you’re able to get the deflated ball out. But that’s totally fine! Can’t wait to see your costume!!

  • Becky

    Hi, I’m working on making this costume with homeroom students. Is the holographic tape different from the fringe you’re talking about? I see the link to amazon for the bird tape, but you also mention fringe, so I’m a bit confused on what and to use them. Thanks!

    • Kelly

      Hi Becky! They are the same thing. You’ll need to cut fringe in the holographic tape and then that’s what you use to cover the paper mache form. Hope that helps!

  • megan

    hi there! im making the disco ball right now as we speak hiwever i dont seem to see what to use the sequin silver for? u mentioned get bird tape AND sequin silver but im only seeing ur usr for the bird tape?

  • Whitney

    So my balloon sadly expanded and kept cracking each layer 🙁 I removed the balloon to keep it’s shape and put another layer on and the whole thing collapsed, womp womp. Luckily gave myself enough time for Halloween! Do you have advice on whether to do a few layers at one time and then let dry? Or do you recommend letting dry between each layer? I worked out of a basement where it stays relatively cool all day with a fan on it.

    Hopefully this comes together okay! Talked the boyfriend into wearing bell bottoms and some platform disco shoes 😀

    • Kelly

      Balloons can be so tricky, so much depends on the environment you’re in! I would recommend drying in-between each layer at least 4-6 hours or so. (Should feel dry to the touch.) Definitely don’t remove the balloon until you have several layers on, or it will collapse for sure. I’m not sure why it’s expanding so much, but I would sooner recommend just paper mache-ing over the cracks then popping the balloon too soon. Hope that helps!

  • Dan

    Has anyone got a disco ball outfit available for this weekend coming in a week 😊

  • Valerie

    So I’m trying to do a similar thing for a costume, but I can’t find newspaper anywhere! Is there another type of paper I could use?

  • Bob

    But can you sit in this costume ??? I mean it looks super cool and I want to try it out but it seems like it would be difficult to sit.

  • Alice

    Hi! So I’m trying to make this for Halloween this year but I have a few questions. First do we fully inflate the balloon and tie it, then pop it when all four layers are dry. And when we use the tape to make fringe how do you get it to stick out and not stick to the newspaper. Thanks!!!

  • Angie

    Hi! I’m making this disco ball this week for my daughters birthday party (as a piñata), what length of bird tape do I need to get? 100ft, 200ft? I’m probably doing a 16” paper lantern…. thanks!

  • Kids Director

    I love this idea. I’m trying to make a teapot costume, and my first layer turned up really wrinkly like it slid off the balloon overnight. It took so long to apply. I’m really defeated and no longer want a teapot in my show, but I know I can’t give up; the kids are depending on me. Can I re-wet it and reshape it?

    Also, I used flour and water since I had an extra bag leftover from a pie-palooza. If the paper turned out floury, did I use too much or is it meant to look like that? Or did too much water create the wrinkly effect?

  • Tammy

    Question- How do you keep the bird tape in a straight line and go all the way around the round balloon? I mean do I make one long piece that goes all the way around and reapeat? Seems like it won’t lay flat. Or I could get off line and it will look crooked. Help?? My party is this Saturday!

  • Maryann

    Love your disco ball! Am planning on making one as a pinata with my grandaughter for New Year’s and had a question. When I went to Amazon they had the bird tape in 100 and 200 feet roll. Which did you use? Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!

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