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DIY Cactus Costume


DIY Cactus Costume

I think it’s safe to call the cactus the pineapple of this year, yes? So I figured it was pretty NECESSARY to do a DIY cactus costume!!! We teamed up with our fave craft and yarn supplier Commonthread by DMC to make this baby because YES you literally only need a dress, a headband and some yarn!!!!! You can whip this up in no time, and that’s just how I like my Halloween costumes.

DIY Cactus Costume
 DIY Cactus Costume

DIY Cactus Costume

Green Dress
White Yarn (We used DMC’s Tiara Italian Yarn, it has an awesome metallic sheen which adds to the cactus spike feel!)
Yellow, Pink, Purple and/or Red Yarn (We used Woolly, DMC Superwash 100% Merino Wool and DMC’s Cotton Natura Yarn!)
Hot Glue Gun

DIY Cactus Costume DIY Cactus Costume 
DIY Cactus Costume DIY Cactus Costume
DIY Cactus Costume DIY-Cactus-Costume-8
DIY Cactus Costume DIY Cactus Costume
DIY Cactus Costume DIY Cactus Costume

1. Cut several nine inch pieces of yarn. Fold one piece into thirds and snip open the loops so you have three seperate pieces of yarn that are three inches each.
2. Tie these together in a single knot in the center. Repeat with all your other pieces.
3. Lay out your dress on a flat surface and heat up your glue gun. Place a bead of hot glue on the back of the knot in your yarn pieces and hot glue all over the dress as desired. We covered the front, back and the sleeves.
4. Now it’s time to make pom pom flowers! Take your desired color of yarn and wrap it around and around your hand a couple dozen times (all five fingers for a bigger pom pom, four for a smaller one).
5. Slip the looped yarn off your hand. Cut a separate small piece of yarn and tie it around the middle of the looped yarn.
6. Cut through all the loops on each side of the yarn.
7. Fluff out your pom pom and then repeat these steps to create five more pom poms.
8. Hot glue two finished pom poms to one shoulder of the dress.
9. Then, hot glue one pom to the wrist of the opposite side of the dress.
10. Last, glue the remaining three pom poms onto a headband.

DIY Cactus Costume
DIY Cactus Costume
DIY Cactus Costume

Photos by Jeff Mindell

Wouldn’t it be fun to get a bunch of your friends to do this in all different shades of green!? You’d be like a whole cacti garden!!!!!

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