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DIY Edible Pinwheels


Today’s DIY project is sponsored by Airheads.

Well folks, I have an exciting week planned for you! My birthday is on Friday and that means I am celebrating all week (duh!), so get ready for a whole lot of birthday projects starting tomorrow. But first! We can’t forget about the summer’s biggest, most patriotic holiday… July 4th! I can’t believe how quickly it’s coming up, but these edible pinwheels I crafted with Airheads certainly have me in the red, white and blue mood. Perfect for post-BBQ desserts, no!?

DIY Edible Pinwheels

Psst.. I was lucky enough to get to try Airheads’ newest product, Airheads Bites, for this project! Bite size airheads… well, I don’t mind if I do!

Airhead Pinwheels Supplies

Airehads Bites
Lollipop Sticks
Rolling Pin
Cutting Board

Heat an Airhead in the microwave for about eight seconds and roll it into a ball. Flat the ball into a thin circle using your rolling pin. Cut off the circles round edges to form a square.

Airhead Pinwheels Step 1 Airhead Pinwheels Step 2

Use your knife to cut slits from each corner to about a half inch from the center of the square. Take one of the new “points” and fold it into the center, pressing it to secure. Repeat this with alternating points to form your pinwheel.

Airhead Pinwheels Step 3 Airhead Pinwheels Step 4

Take one of your airheads bites and carefully “carve” away some of the outer coating on the back of the Airhead Bite. This will allow it to stick to the pinwheel. Roll up a piece of your Airhead scraps and push it into the hole you made in the Bite.

Airhead Pinwheels 5 Airhead Pinwheels 6

Firmly press the Bite into the pinwheel to secure it. Flip over your pinwheel and lay your lollipop stick on the back. Take another scrap piece of your Airhead and press it over top of the pinwheel, securing it to the pinwheel.

Airhead Pinwheels Step 7 Airhead Pinwheels Step 8

DIY Edible Pinwheels with Airheads

Pop them in cupcakes or other treats and serve at your big Fourth of July bash (or any other summer party)!

DIY Edible Pinwheels

All Photos by Studio DIY

Do you guys have any big plans for The Fourth!? I hope it involves a whole lot of eating, whatever it is! Yum!

If you’re looking for other fun things to do with Airheads, don’t miss the pennant flag cookies, perfect for graduation bashes! And check out the gift cakes I made, and the lollipops, too! And for more DIY projects all around, head on over here.

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