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DIY Family Weather Costume


DIY Family Weather Costume

Finally, a rainbow costume!!! And a whole DIY family weather costume to go with it! Had to break out the wagon for this one. Of alll the DIY costumes I’ve done, I’ve been wanting to do a rainbow costume for years but I never liked the versions I came up with for a person. The wagon just sealed the deal! It’s the perfect base, and then just toss in Arlo as a cute cloud. SOLD! There’s so many options for expanding a family weather costume too, a lightning bolt, a sky, a cute tornado (!!), a snowflake, even a blizzard! So if you got more kiddos (or friends, a weather group costume is super fun too!), you’ve got options. But to start, here’s how to make these three: the sun costume, the rainbow and cloud costume and the rain costume!

DIY Family Weather CostumeDIY Family Weather Costume

How To Make A Family Weather Costume

DIY Family Weather CostumeDIY Family Weather CostumeDIY Family Weather CostumeDIY Family Weather CostumeDIY Family Weather CostumeDIY Family Weather CostumeDIY Family Weather CostumeDIY Family Weather CostumeDIY Family Weather CostumeDIY Family Weather Costume

DIY Family Weather Costume

Total Time: 4 Hours


For the Sun Costume:

Smoothfoam Half Sphere
Yellow Paint
Paint Brush
Yellow Cardstock
Clear Tape
Hot Glue Gun
Yellow Outfit (Here's the dress I'm wearing!)

For the Rain Costume:

Blue Cardstock
Glue Stick
Fishing Line
Sewing Needle
Blue Outfit

For the Rainbow Wagon + Cloud Wagon Toddler Costume:

40x60" Foam Core or Cardboard Sheet
Box Cutter
Paint in Rainbow Colors
Zip Ties
Pillow Stuffing
White Onesie
White Felt (Large enough to cover your wagon, about 2 yards depending on the width of the felt)
Hot Glue Gun


For the Sun Costume:

1. Paint the half-sphere yellow. Let dry.
2. While it's trying, cut out your sun rays! Cut about 12-14 triangles (I made mine two different sizes, one shorter, one longer) out of cardstock.
3. Lay all the triangles in a circle, overlapping each other. Secure with a piece of tape in the middle.
4. Hot glue the foam sphere on top of the triangles.
5. Hot glue a headband to the bottom of the triangles.
6. Pair with a yellow outfit!

For the Rain Costume:

1. Cut out about 40+ raindrops from cardstock. If you have a cutting machine like a Cricut, that really helps! But you can totally hand cut them too.
2. Glue two raindrops together, sandwiching the end of a length of fishing line in between. I recommend leaving the fishing line long so you can cut it down once you start attaching them to the umbrella. Repeat with all the raindrops you've cut!
3. Time to stitch them to the umbrella. Thread the fishing line of one of the raindrops through the sewing needle, and stitch it to the bottom of the umbrella. If you don't want to sew, you could also just glue the fishing line on the inside but you risk seeing the glue! Space them out at different lengths all around the umbrella.
4. Pair with a blue outfit!

For the Rainbow Wagon + Cloud Toddler Costume:

1. Hot glue stuffing all over the upper half of a white onesie/PJ set.
2. Cut out a rainbow shape from foam core/cardboard. It should be about 4-6" wider than your wagon.
3. Paint it rainbow colors. This doesn't need to be super precise! The stripes of color can be different widths, I actually think it looks better that way! Let dry. (p.s. Ignore the notches you see on the bottom of mine, that was a mistake I made when I was testing ways to attach it to the wagon!)
4. Wrap a piece of white felt around the wagon from front to back and secure underneath by hot gluing the ends to themselves. Then wrap another piece of felt around, this time from side to side and do the same. Basically you're trying to cover all the fabric of the wagon so you can glue stuffing to the felt!
5. Hot glue stuffing all over the felt on the outside of the wagon. Again, doesn't need to precise!
6. Use zip ties and tie it to the metal part of the wagon (assuming you're using the style wagon we used)! Hold the rainbow up to the side of the wagon and figure out where you want it to sit. Then poke two holes around the metal top of the wagon on one side. Slip the zip tie through the holes, connect it through the back and pull taught. Then repeat on the other side.

DIY Family Weather CostumeDIY Family Weather CostumeDIY Family Weather CostumeDIY Family Weather CostumeDIY Family Weather Costume

Photos by Jeff Mindell

There were FOUR people on the other side of the camera (manned by our Editorial Director, Chelsea for most of these!) entertaining Arlo for this shoot. Haha! And if you look closely at the photo of just the wagon, you can see Arlo’s head just peeking out. He was playing hide and seek. =)

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