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DIY Felt Truck Advent Calendar


DIY Felt Truck Advent Calendar

I’m about to hit you with a BUNCH of felt projects, ya ready!? First up.. Arlo’s felt truck advent calendar!!! One week into December and it’s finally done and I love it so much!!! He immediately looked at it and said “CAR!” and that just made me smile.

The idea is that every morning he’ll get to pick out the present in that days pocket and put it on the truck! And next year, I hope to start including a gift, kind gesture or other give-back initiative to go with each day so we can continue to reinforce the importance of giving when it comes to gifts, not receiving! That could mean writing a card to his grandparents, baking cookies for a neighbor, picking out a gift for a teacher, shopping for the family we’re supporting that year, and so forth.

The tutorial is a tedious one, but so worth it! We’ll hopefully have it for years and years to come!

DIY Felt Truck Advent CalendarDIY Felt Truck Advent Calendar

DIY Felt Truck Advent CalendarDIY Felt Truck Advent CalendarDIY Felt Truck Advent CalendarDIY Felt Truck Advent CalendarDIY Felt Truck Advent CalendarDIY Felt Truck Advent Calendar

DIY Felt Truck Advent Calendar

Total Time:


Truck Template
1 1/2 Yards Off-White Felt
1/2 Yard Mint Felt
9"x12" Sheets of Felt in Various Colors (I used 8 different colors and about 1-2 sheets per color)
Sewing Machine + Thread
Hot Glue Gun
Wooden Dowel


1. Enlarge the truck template to 400% and print at a local print shop or large scale printer if you have one. It will be about 24" wide. Cut out the template.
2. Cut all your felt pieces: one truck, two large circles and two small circles for wheels, a window, a handle, a bumper and a bow. Then cut out 24 3.25" squares and the numbers 1-24. Last, cut all the pieces for the 24 presents you need to make. I made mine a variety of mostly rectangles (two per present) with a few other odd shapes to mix it up! The bows were all cut from felt as well!
3. Lay out the truck and the 24 squares on your larger piece of felt. I also laid the present cut outs in the truck bed so I had an idea of how tall they might stack. Cut a rectangle that is about 1.5"-2" wider than the felt pieces on three sides and about 4" taller on the top (to account for folding over the dowel).
4. Time to stitch! (Or hot glue, if you prefer a no-sew version) Pin the bumper and window to the truck and stitch. Then pin the 24 squares and the truck to the large rectangle. Sew along the edges of the felt pieces. For the squares, just sew the three sides, leaving the top open as a "pocket."
5. Stitch the presents together, leaving a 1/2" opening on one side of each of them and stuff it with just a tiny bit of stuffing. Then stitch the opening shut. Hot glue on the felt bows you cut out.
6. Fold 1/2" on the bottom and two sides under and stitch to make a hem. (You don't NEED to hem felt, but I like the look of it!)
7. Fold 2" under on the top and stitch. This will make the pocket to slip the dowel through!
8. Hot glue the bow on the truck and the numbers on each square. Then hot glue a small piece of the rough side of velcro to the back side of each present.
9. Slip the dowel through the pocket you created and tie a rope or ribbon on each side of the felt and it's ready to be hung!

DIY Felt Truck Advent CalendarDIY Felt Truck Advent CalendarDIY Felt Truck Advent CalendarDIY Felt Truck Advent CalendarDIY Felt Truck Advent Calendar

Photos by Jeff Mindell

Next up, the tree wall hanging I made for our whole family to do together! Stay tuned for that, followed by our stockings too! I know a lot of you have been waiting for that one since last year!! Another one of my favorite projects to date. Boy, Christmas is just the best.


  • Kate Ziegler

    Well done, Kelly! What a special heirloom <3

  • Maritza

    This advent calendar is just too cute. Can we make one for adults? Asking for a friend… 🙂

  • Caitlin

    OMG, so cute. I also seriously love the idea of making the calendar about giving to others or doing activities together rather than receiving (more) presents. I think advent calendars are super cute and a fun way to get excited for the holidays, but hate that most of them are just filled with more candy or cheap little toys. Your idea is so much more positive and thoughtful ❤️

  • Kristina B

    Dude OMG. I love that when he’s little it’s a game and then it can have little treats in it when he’s bigger! It’s so clever!!!

  • Norma Rivera

    I totally love the advent calendar. Im working in one too, but I haven’t had the vision yet. I wanted colors for each day in a white background but I cuoldnt put it together, and then when I saw yours my mouth dropped open, it’s just perfect. I have a lot of inspiration now! My son will love it! Thank you Kelly!!

  • Danielle M Lambers

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! You and all your beautiful colorful ideas have brought me out of my monochromatic shell!!! Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to live a colorful life!!!! <3

  • Siena

    This craft is adorable but is that a STUFFED CHRISTMAS LIGHTS BUNTING in the corner?? I need to make all of it!

  • syair togel sgp

    im so like this article

  • Caderno do Aluno

    Adorei este artigo, tem dicas super úteis e interessantes, aguardando por mais artigos como este

  • Sharon Gore

    Thanks for making and sharing your beautiful work.

  • Karen Cline

    Thank you for doing this. Your work is so lovely and it’s really kind of you to share.

  • Lisa

    Love this idea! Thank you for sharing! My friend and I are making it now and wanted to know if we enlarge the truck template 300% or 400%. There are different instructions in the directions and on the template, itself. Thank you!! 🙂

    • Lisa

      300% did it! Looks super cute! Kids love it! We weren’t too sure how big to make the presents and they ended up being a bit on the small side. Oh well. 🤷‍♀️

  • Kelly Reuning

    ADORABLE!!! Unfortunately I am not crafty at all! Have you ever considered making and selling these!? I’d be happy to be your first customer!

  • Chrissy

    This is such a cute and fun Advent calendar. I love that the presents get to be stacked onto the truck and each day the load gets bigger. So fun. 🙂

  • Scarlet

    This is such an adorable advent calendar. I like how the presents make a cute image and fun thing to do each day without it being an actual candy or gift. It is just fun for fun’s sake. Pinning now to make soon.

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