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DIY Flamingo Float Cooler


DIY Flamingo Float Cooler

How many times have you been floating around in a pool and you’re like, “Man, that sun is hot and I could really use a refreshing cold drink right now, but getting out of the pool is really not something I’m down with.” Well, we have a solution. A giant DIY flamingo float cooler!!!! Yep, we turned a giant pool float into a cooler so you can just float on up and grab your drink and carry on with your lounging.

Cyn, who art directed and styled all of our Palm Springs shoots, came up with this idea and we all just about DIED over how genius it is. Because it’s also literally a 1-step DIY. I mean… HELLO! No brainer. Every pool party needs this!!! Your friends will thank you.

DIY Flamingo Float CoolerDIY Flamingo Float Cooler

DIY Flamingo Float Cooler DIY Flamingo Pool Float Cooler DIY Flamingo Floating Cooler DIY Flamingo Float Cooler

DIY Flamingo Float Cooler

Total Time: 20 Minutes


This Flamingo Float (You could also use this rose gold flamingo, glow-in-the-dark swan, white swan or black swan!)
Craft Knife or Box Cutter
Pool Float Pump
Ice and Drinks


1. Fully inflate the main part of your flamingo. Then, inflate slightly, but not fully, the center piece of the flamingo. You want this inflated enough so that you can cut through it without worrying about hitting the other part of the float, but not so much that it's super taught.
2. Using a craft knife or box cutter, carefully cut through the center piece. You'll want to be several inches from where it hits the main part of the flamingo.
3. Continue cutting all around and remove the center piece. Then clean up your cuts and even go closer to the outside of the section, just be sure to leave at least 1" to be safe.
4. When you're ready to fill the cooler, place it right near the edge of the pool. It will get heavier and you don't want to have to drag it because it might rip! Fill with ice and your fave drinks and then pop it in the pool!!!! BAM!

DIY Flamingo Float CoolerDIY Flamingo Float CoolerEpic Balloon Pool Party!

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Art Direction & Styling: Cyn Moreno


Flamingo Float | Drinks | Latex Balloons | Pineapple Balloon | Smiley Face Balloon |
Girls Rule BalloonDisco Ball Balloon | Watermelon Balloon

Is that not the coolest thing you’ve EVER seen!? And you can deflate and inflate it just like any regular ol’ pool float!! I know a lot of you are gonna try this, so be sure to tag me in the pics and use #troopstudiodiy so I can see!!

p.s. Piña Colada Pop Tarts


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