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DIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart Makeover


DIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart Makeover

Fruit DIYs are a tried and true favorite around these parts, and I bet this one will be no different!! Today we’re giving a bar cart a fruity summer overhaul! We partnered with IZZE Sparkling Juice and Sparkling Water and used their fresh and fruity vibe as our inspo to make over this bar cart with paint and some fun yarn poms!! It’s so perfect for outdoor summer bashes and pool parties ’cause it can house everything you need to get the party goin’!

DIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart Makeover

I’m obsessed with all things yarn poms and tassels lately. And its such an easy way to add a pop of summer to your bar cart, even if you don’t paint the whole thing too! We made ours inspired by our fave IZZE flavors like Clementine, Grapefruit and a new fave (which we drank too fast to get a pic of, ha!)… their Raspberry Watermelon Sparkling Water! Have you tried it? It’s so refreshing!! Pompoms are crazy fast to make when you have the right tools. Ya ready!?

DIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart Makeover

DIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart MakeoverDIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart Makeover
DIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart MakeoverDIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart MakeoverDIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart MakeoverDIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart MakeoverDIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart MakeoverDIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart Makeover

DIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart Makeover

Total Time: 1-2 Hours (+ Dry Time)


Bar Cart
Primer, depending on the surface/material you're painting
Pink + Black Paint
Large Paint Brush
Small Paint Brush
Yarn in yellow, light green, kelly green, pink and black
Medium and Large Pom Pom Maker
Striped Umbrella


1. If your cart is not already put together, you can choose to put it together first or paint first. I put mine together first and then painted!
2. Prime (if necessary) your bar cart and let dry.
3. Paint your first coat of pink paint and let dry. Then follow it with a second coat of paint and dry again.
4. Using a small paint brush, paint large black seeds all over the cart. I found it easiest to just freehand these since they can be all slightly different (like real seeds) but you could draw yours first with a pencil if you feel more comfortable! Let dry.
5. While everything is drying, make your fruit-y pom poms! If you haven't yet discovered a pom pom maker, get ON THAT! Here's how to make the following pom poms:

Kiwi: Wrap each half of your pom pom maker about half-way with green yarn. Then wrap black yarn on top of the green. It should NOT entirely cover the green, you should still be able to see green through it. Wrap the rest of the pom pom maker with green and continue according to package directions.

Watermelon: Begin wrapping one half of your pom pom maker with pink yarn. Sporadically as you are wrapping, add in a few layers of black yarn in various places. This will give it the "all over" seed look. Continue alternating black and pink until the entire thing is wrapped. Remember, it should be MOSTLY pink, with just some black wrapped in-between. Then, on the other half of wrap about 1/3 of it with dark green thread, then another third with light green thread and a final third with dark green thread again. Follow package instructions to finish.

Lemon + Orange: For these, I just made an all-yellow and all-orange pom pom! Wrap both halves entirely in the desired color and follow package instructions.

Tassels: To make the yarn tassels, I wrapped from my hand around my elbow, dozens of times until it was the thickness I wanted it. Then, I slipped it off my arm and tied it in the middle with another piece of thread. I folded it in half and then wrapped a final piece of yarn around and tied to form the tassel. Cut the loops and trim accordingly!

6. Tie the pom poms to the cart as desired!
7. Add an umbrella and deck out your bar cart with IZZE, summer-y glasses and anything else you may need for your next par-tay!

DIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart MakeoverDIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart MakeoverDIY Fruity Summer Bar Cart Makeover

Photos by Jeff Mindell

Are you planning any summer parties that this would be perfect for!? Grab an IZZE and get to pompom making!! 😉

(PS The giant fruit is another DIY we’ll be sharing soon!!)

This post was created in partnership with IZZE. All content and opinions are that of my own! Thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep the Studio DIY party going! Read more about my editorial policies here.


  • Michelle

    This is incredibly cute! I love the idea and the colours!

  • brittni

    Love that watermelon pom pom hanging off the cart. The whole thing is super cute.

  • Rosemary Gray

    HELLO! I’m a fan and also adopted a miracle baby girl. I celebrate adoption every day. I read your monthly updates and I can’t keep the tears away. Infertility was the darkest time of my life. We were one of the first couples to have an open adoption in the state of Texas. Such an emotional time.

    I believe the month of October is National Adoption month. I was wondering if you would like to do a collaboration in honor of moms of adopted children. Not so sure what that would look like but I would be very interested. Please let me know! Take care and enjoy that sweet baby boy!!!!

  • Kate

    So bright and fun!

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