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DIY Honeycomb Balloon Garland


In July I surprised my first birthday giveaway winner with a cake piñata, and when the second winner’s birthday rolled around last month, it called for balloons. But since shipping balloons isn’t the easiest task, I decided to make my own. Out of honeycombs! And I strung them on a garland, just for good measure. This was the perfect mailable surprise because the honeycombs folded right up! Then when unfolded and hung they make quite the statement. Perfect for birthdays, baby showers, anything really!

DIY Honeycomb Balloon Garland

Honeycomb Balloon Garland DIY

A big thanks to all of you who helped me pick the color scheme. You had so many awesome ideas, it took me forever to choose!

DIY Honeycomb Garland

Honeycombs (I used 8″ honeycombs from both Shop Sweet Lulu and Devra Party for this.)
Paper/Cardstock (For template making)
Scissors (You’ll need a strong pair for this)

Using your folded honeycomb as a guide, draw a half-balloon shape that fits within the honeycomb ball on your paper/cardstock. It’s basically just an upside-down egg shape with a triangle on the bottom! Once you have your template,  lay it on top of your honeycombs and trace. Then cut out. Cutting through the cardboard is a little tricky, so make sure you have that good pair of scissors on hand that I mentioned above.

Honeycomb Balloon Garland Honeycomb Balloons How To

Once you have your honeycombs cut, you’ll want to poke a hole in the top corner of one side of the cardboard on each honeycomb.

How to Make a Honeycomb Balloon Garland Honyecomb Balloons DIY

Then go ahead and string your twine through each hole to form a garland. This is great because you can store it flat! But when it’s ready to roll, just pop open the honeycombs and secure with paper clips.

DIY Balloon Honeycomb Garland Tutorial How To Make Honeycomb Balloons

Tada! Balloons that don’t deflate… ever!

DIY Honeycomb Balloons

DIY Honeycomb Balloon Garland

DIY Honeycomb Balloon Garland

All Photos by Studio DIY

Happy Birthday Bethany! Hope it was a great one!

Turning honeycombs into different shapes is clearly one of my favorite pastimes, these balloons just had to happen! Remember the Easter eggs, shamrocks and Christmas bulbs? What should I turn them into next!?


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