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DIY Ornament Pillows


DIY Ornament Pillows

DIY ORNAMENT PILLOWS!!!! Can you tell how excited I am!?!!? A bazillion years ago we made these ornament balloons and they were (and still are!) a huge hit and today we’ve got a more permanent variety, for your home!!!

These pillows can be made with basic sewing skills, and we used a variety of materials to show you that you could really use anything!!! They’re a great “keep it forever” kinda DIY that you can pull out each holiday season. And that makes my heart super happy!!!!

DIY Ornament PillowsDIY Ornament Pillows

DIY Ornament PillowsDIY Ornament PillowsDIY Ornament PillowsDIY Ornament PillowsDIY Ornament PillowsDIY Ornament Pillows

DIY Ornament Pillows

Total Time: 2-3 Hours Per Pillow (Depending on skill level!)


1/2 Yard Fabric of Choice for Ornament (We used velvet, fleece and lamé. All the fabrics had stretch to them.)
1/4 Yard (or less) Silver or Gold Fabric for Ornament Top (We used lamé)
Ornament Template
Fabric Scissors
Sewing Machine
Needle + Thread
Silver or Gold Trim (Optional, to finish off the top of the ornament)
Silver or Gold Cord
Clear Nail Polish
Hot Glue Gun


1. Cut out six of the ornament sections using the pattern out of your fabric (pink in my case). Cut out one circle and one rectangle out of your metallic fabric (silver in my case).
2. With right sides together, stitch together two ornament sections along one curved side.
3. With right sides together again, stitch a third ornament section onto the other edge of the one you just sewed and stitch together.
4. Repeat this, so you'll have two pieces with three sections each.
5. With right sides together, pin the two halves together. Make sure the "points" where all three pieces meet on each are matched up and pin all the way around the circle, leaving about 3-4" open (for turning). Stitch together.
6. Turn right side out and stuff. Make sure it is super full so the ornament is nice and round.
7. Use a needle and thread to hand-stitch the opening together using a slip stitch.
8. With right sides together, sew the two short ends of the rectangle together, forming a ring.
9. With right sides together again, pin and sew the ring around the circle.
10. Turn right side out and stuff with stuffing.
11. Pin to the top of the ornament. Hand stitch the top onto the ornament using a slip stitch.
12. Cut a piece of cord about 4-5" long. Immediately dip the ends into clear nail polish to prevent fraying. Let dry.
13. Hot glue or stitch the cord on top of the ornament topper.
14. If finishing with trim, hot glue the trim around the base of the topper.

DIY Ornament Pillows DIY Ornament Pillows DIY Ornament Pillows

Photos by Jeff Mindell

I think our pillow projects are the most made DIYs we share (I knew you guys were secret sewing-lovers!!!) and I can’t wait to see your versions of these!! Be sure to tag me + share with #troopstudiodiy so I can check ’em out!!!!

p.s. Ornament donut holes!


  • Élodie

    These are so cute! I love the pink and green shiny version. They all look so nice on your sofa – great colour match! 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thanks so much! I had a blast making these, and I’m pretty much in LOVE with them!

  • Chelsey

    Obsessed!!! I’m buying fabric today! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  • Jessica

    I can’t wait to see the step shots! These are amazing x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  • Kathleen

    So this is why you were looking at such fun fabrics! GENIUS idea.

  • Leigh

    Precious!!! And can we talk about the heart pockets on your jeans too? Had to pin that image b/c of the hearts! <3 haha Merry Christmas!

  • Kristina B

    I cannot even deal with how cute and PERFECT these are!!! The possibilities for fabric are just ENDLESS. Bravo!!!

  • Julia

    I can’t wait until the pattern is up! I really need to make these for my sofa… just really. They are perfection!

    Julia –

  • Chelsey G

    I cannot WAIT to make these!!! They are seriously FANTASTIC. xoxo

    • Kelly

      YAY! So glad you like them! Share them on Instagram with #troopstudiodiy when you finish so I can see!!!


  • Coast2Coast

    Oh my gosh! These are soooo cute – Definitely making these when I have free time <3

  • Jalee

    Oh em geeee, they’re all PERFECT!

  • Joyce

    Went crazy when I saw these. Definitely going to drop everything else and sew! Thanks.

  • moderndaygf

    Can we talk about how cute this is def sharing this on my socials! Thank you for sharing!

  • Regina

    Holy Hannah! These are absolutely adorable!!! LOOOVE.

  • Natalie

    How cute!! And where is your sofa from? I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect blush sofa. 😉

  • sammie

    Oh wouw! These are so cool! Love them!

  • Stephani

    Can you sell them please for people like me who love to decorate with adorable DIY items, but can’t make anything

  • Heather

    Omg.. Can i tell you I’m dying right now and WHY didn’t i find these earlier!! LOL…. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE.. And, girl, pink is my world!

  • Olivia

    Oh-my-God! I simply love them! I can’t find the right words to say how much joy this post has brought me. Happy holidays, Kelly!

  • Sandy

    how important is it for the fabric to have stretch? The lame I have in my stash does not stretch, so I may use some satin I have, it has a little stretch. Also, did you enlarge the pattern, if so, by how much? I’m going to try making a couple for last minute Christmas gifts.
    Thank You! These are so adorable, my DIL’s will LOVE them!

    • Kelly

      Hi Sandy! You can totally use fabric that doesn’t have stretch, I don’t see a problem with that at all! And I did not enlarge the pattern, though you certainly could if you wanted to. There is a “large” and “small” size in there for you to use. Let me know how it turns out!!

  • cat

    where did you get the pink couch

  • Camille

    Love love love. Wish I would of saw this before but still thinking I should make at least one. Quick question , is that a rug or a blanket on your couch. Super cute. Thanks for the adorable DIY

  • Kim

    Do you sell on etsy?

  • deborah depiano


  • Lillian Puritz

    Please can you let me know how to get the pattern for the xmas pillows ? Can I buy it? Please let me know.

    Thank you ,

  • Linda

    Would love the template. Where can I find them?

    • Kelly

      It’s linked in the supply list within the post! You can download it from there!

  • Camille

    Is that a throw or a rug on the couch. It’s very pretty

  • Cindy

    When I saw these I got happy at the thought of how cool these would be. I also thoughthow cool they’d be as a pillow fight, if the cord was secured right. Then I thought— How Would I ever store them!?!? Ding…. light bulb moment….
    Adjust the finished size to fit a blow up beach ball in. Sure I’d have to do a simple invisible zipper zip closure at the top so it’s be fun to “bop” with. Only having to stuff the top thing with batting or plastic bags when they weren’t stored leaving a slot hidden under the hanging round thing.

    Thanks for the overall idea

    Asa kid I used to hate not having a green tree
    Who knew how popular the aluminum trees were
    Now it’s kind of pop culture to have one and quite expensive now.

  • Danielle

    The link for pattern in the link does not conn3ct. Can you send it to me please.
    Thank you.

    • Joe Reid

      So the directions are great,but having the actual pattern would be more helpful to people.


    How much stuffing do you use per pillow? I really want to make these but defiently don’t want to run out of supplies in the middle of it. Thanks in advance!

  • Cindy

    Could you give some advice please. I made one of these pillows but i am having trouble stuffing it to make it look like a ball. Any tips?

  • KendinYapAtölyesi

    I love those! Definitely I’ll do it!

  • Daisy

    These are going to be my first sewing project! I’m already excited to get started, and at least I know I’ll be done by Christmas 🙂 What kind of cord did you use? I don’t know what would be stiff enough to stay upright.

  • Noodle

    A bit late to this party, but think how early I will be for next christmas!

    I’m a novice sewer, so not sure which is correct… Do I add an additional seam allowance around the template when I cut it out, or rather just sew a centimeter inside the cut edge?

  • Estefania Tapia

    Excelent idea, thaks

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