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DIY Pineapple Table Runner


Haaaappyyy Monday! (I was singing that, hope you were too.) How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was quite splendid and computer free, but I’m pretty darn excited to be back because I have a great week in store for you guys! Starting with a few fun projects I recently did for You see, they were having a few DIY challenges and, well, I love a challenge. They asked me to turn one of their scarves into a party good, and in recent pineapple fashion… I done turned one into a pineapple table runner! BAM! Isn’t it fun!? You can check out the full DIY right over here. Hop to it!

DIY Pineapple Table Runner

DIY Pineapple Table Runner Step 7 DIY Pineapple Table Runner Step 8

DIY Pineapple Table Runner

They also asked me to come up with a new fancy knot for one of their scarves, and by golly you better bet I created a bow design! They have their full photo + written tutorial for the DIY scarf hair bow right here, isn’t it fun!?

DIY Scarf Hair Bow

All Photos by Studio DIY

Who knew scarves could be soo many things!? Did you see the apron Brittni made? It’s a scarf bonanza! Ever gotten creative with one?


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