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DIY Sand Art Manicure


DIY Sand Art Mani

We have had sand art ON THE BRAIN! We had so much sand art flying around in preparation for our Clashist workshop that we started sand-art-ing EVERYTHING. Including… a sand art manicure!!! Everyone’s favorite childhood activity (No? Just me?), on your nails!!

Have you ever seen velvet flocking powder for nails!? It’s pretty crazy!!! Makes your nails look and feel like velvet… or sand art in this case! It. Was. Perfect. Could you also get the look with polish? YOU SURE CAN! But I gotta tell you, messing around with this flocking powder is A BLAST! Let’s do it!

DIY Sand Art Mani
DIY Sand Art Mani

DIY Sand Art Mani Tutorial

We used a set of velvet flocking powder like THIS one!

DIY Sand Art Mani    DIY Sand Art Mani
DIY Sand Art Mani

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Manicure by Beautilitarian | Illustrations by Bouffants & Broken Hearts | Creative Direction + Stellar Hand Modeling by Kelly Mindell

So, who’s gonna be sand art-ing their nails now!?

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