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DIY Surprise Money Confetti Poppers


DIY Surprise Money Confetti Poppers

Raise your hand if you don’t like giving money as a gift? *Hand Raised!* I’m definitely not a money gifter for that reason.. but when it comes to certain people or certain occasions (like graduation!) cash is just the logical gift. But if you have to give money, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it more fun and awesome than just a card with a “Cash Always Fits” slot! Enter the money confetti popper. The recipient is forced to cover themselves (or someone else) with confetti in order to retrieve the goods inside… just how it should be!

DIY Surprise Money Confetti Poppers

Confetti Poppers (You can make your own using this tutorial or by picking up some clear cake push-pops at the grocery store and filling ’em with confetti. OR! You can purchase pre-made confetti poppers. I’d recommend these from Thimble Press or these from Knot & Bow!)

If you have pre-filled poppers, empty them. Then put a thin layer of confetti on the bottom, drop in the cash (not too much or it won’t be able to “pop!” You can always give multiple poppers!) and then cover completely with confetti. Close ’em up and you’re ready to go!

DIY Surprise Money Confetti Popper
DIY Surprise Money Confetti Popper
DIY Surprise Money Confetti Poppers

All Photos by Studio DIY

You could do these in school colors to be extra festive! (But don’t you wish school colors were more fun!? Where my mint and pink schools at!? I was a variation of blue and white for both high school and college!)

Don’t forget to make some balloon superlatives for those grad parties, too!


  • Maggie

    What a fun idea! I definitely agree that school colors are usually pretty blah. My high school was black and gold (not too terrible!), but one of my friends went to a school that was brown and mustard-yellow. Yuck!

    • Kelly

      Eeep! Guess I shouldn’t be complaining about my blue and white then!

  • Caitlin

    These are so cute–I love the confetti pops from Thimblepress. My school colors were orange and blue, but the upside was that the tradition was to dress up for football games. (“Girls in pearls, guys in ties!”)

    • Kelly

      Oh I LOVE that! That was definitely not the case in our school, where sweatpants were the football game norm. 😉

  • noelle

    my school’s colors are black and orange. pretty gross,and it doesn’t help that i find most oranges disgusting. last halloween, my particularly festive friend was all decked out in black and orange, and by some ironic miracle, she had a dentist appointment that afternoon. while waiting for the dentist, the hygienist asked her if it was spirit day. *facedesk* so yeah, i’d probably kill to have my school colors be blue and white!

  • Terrie

    This is such a fun idea! My school colors were red and white; not bad at all compared to brown and mustard-yellow =)

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  • Annie | BestGiftIdea

    Amazing! I’m pretty addicted to your site, ideas and colorful pics! Great vibes 🙂 Hope you don’t mind that I included your creative ideas in a roundup about the best ways to give cash gifts! Thank you !

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