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Easy Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas


Easy Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Phew! It has been a week of giveaways up in here! The big bike giveaway, an Instagram giveaway with Kate Spade Saturday and now a super fun and VERY fitting giveaway for the holidays… of Sally J. Shim’s new book Pretty Packages: 45 Creative Gift Wrapping Projects! I got a copy of this sweet book and it’s chock full of EASY ideas for wrapping gifts. ‘Cause in the case of gift wrapping, the outside does matter. Am I right!? So, I’m sharing a few ideas here that I pulled from Sally’s book and are perfect for you not-your-average Christmas enthusiasts like me. All easy enough to get done and still have time to SPARE before the 25th! (You are welcome.) Check ’em out and then head to the bottom to enter to win your very own copy AND a goodie bag to go with it!

Black White + Neon Gift Wrap


Gift Wrap Wall

Can we take a quick second to talk about these wrapping papers!? I scoured Etsy and found some PRETTY great things. Sources below:

Eyes, Zebras and Houses Paper from Kate Zaremba Company / Grid Paper from The Paper Kit / Holiday Typography Paper from Parrott Design Studio / Neon Zig Zag Paper from Norman’s Printery / Neon Print Paper from Egg Press

I pulled a few of these ideas, like spelling words (or names!) with letter stickers, stringing felt balls into a cute topper and DIY-ing my own gift guide right from Sally’s book! Each idea took me 5-10 minutes and I think these little details make the gifts so much more special and meaningful.

Easy Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas
Easy Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

I think my mom said “No Peeking!” 95,000 times every Christmas. I was totally one of those shake-the-presents-under-the-tree kids.

Easy Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas
Pretty Packages Book Giveaway

All Photos by Studio DIY

NOW! Who wants to get in on this gift wrapping action, straight from the source!? To enter to win a copy of Pretty Packages and a goodie bag to go with it, use the Rafflecopter below. Three winners will be chosen randomly on Monday, December 15th!

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  • Katie Walton

    At Christmas I always go for plain wrapping paper – brown, grey or white – then embellish with bright ribbons/tape/tags.. I’m always looking for new ways to make them plain paper shine so I love these ideas! I realise it maybe makes more sense to use funky paper, but I love how clean and simple this looks and how the plain paper makes any decoration sing!

  • Diane Ho

    I like to stick to color scheme and add mini gift as topper

  • Abbey

    I usually use neutral (white or kraft) paper and write names on my gifts with gold paint pens.

  • allison

    I prefer Kraft paper with fun accessories on top in bright colors.

  • lisa

    Errr…I am a bit gift wrapping challenged(thank goodness for gift bags), so this would be a great asset in my home!

  • Jane

    I buy wrapping paper after the holiday when it is on sale – by December I can’t even remember what I bought. Then when I take out my wrapping paper I use the patterns to inspire me to come up with some fun embellishments, whether its ornaments, greens or loads of ribbon.

  • Cynthia

    I will either buy butcher paper and stamp patterns on the wrapping paper (i love stamps!) but if I do see some cute wrapping paper then I definitely impulse buy it!

  • Allison

    I’m one of those people that triple wraps things in odd shapes and sizes (in too big of boxes or in a confusing way). It’s almost a family tradition now – to see the confusion on the other person face as they realize they had no idea what they were unwrapping.

  • Kelly Maloney

    I honestly love the brown-paper-packages look but never get around to it. I end up at the dollar store wrapping paper bins on Dec 23…but this year! I have Washi tape and I’m getting that brown paper!!!

  • Dariel | a daily dose of Vitamin D

    I’m all over the place! I love to make the presents fit the feel of the party/event I’m attending…more rustic means muted colors with twine vs a bright and cheery evening with bold prints and giant bows!

  • Monica @ Mocha and Moccasins

    I love DIY packaging! I try to personalize them for the receiver, so they all look a bit different.

  • Amalia

    I usually wrap my own gifts and stick to simple, kraft paper, bakers twine etc…this package would be a fun way to branch out 🙂

  • Mili

    I wrap my own gift so I can personalize it!! This pack would be awesome for that!

  • Patricia

    It all depends on how creative i could get. Sometimes store bought with a personal twist is how i end up wrapping!

  • HilLesha

    I normally don’t get creative with gift wrapping, but I’d love to. I also this wrapping paper. Beautiful!

  • Olivia

    I have always very much been a gift bag person (I have no excuse other than procrastination), but last year I actually used newspaper and tied it with some red ribbon or gift tags, and I think it looked super classy and cute. It fits with my gifts too because I tend to get people books, so I think it worked really well.

  • Brittni

    You know I absolutely love that wrapping paper! I HAVE to get some.

  • Amy

    I definitely wrap my own gifts – I’m not the best at it, but I love getting inspiration from various sources and this book would be great to have!

  • Rebecca

    I am THE WORST wrapper ever, so I mostly stick with gift bags. I need to get better, that’s for sure!

  • tess

    bags are easy,m y hubby does the wrapping

  • Verity

    it really depends on the person and the gift! Usually, I stick with brown paper and use ribbons and little pieces of lace

  • Emily M

    We wrap everything in newspaper! I try to get a little creative at times and add fun elements such as pompons and pretty ribbons though!

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I let the store handle it, I’m horrible at wrapping.

  • Nicole

    I love to have a theme and every year top my gifts with handmade decorations so that there is a lasting piece of Christmas for next year!

  • Kristina B

    I pick out fresh paper every year (whether I have any left from last year or not) and go to town with string, ribbon and embellishments. One year I got this awesome textured paper with a vintage typography print from HomeGoods and people went NUTS.

  • Jessica

    I wrap my own gifts and decorate with ribbons and bows. I love the kraft paper look, but I can never find any that’s not too thick/heavy (for shipping gifts) or too expensive.

  • The Noted Poncho

    Love the patterns ♥♥♥ I need to win these!

  • Kate Vocke

    These are amazing! I usually use kraft paper- red or brown. And sometimes white but I always decorate it and make my own labels and bows!

  • Joni

    I am using brown craft paper and hand stamping in a black/white theme. Love the houses wrapping paper!

  • Maria

    I normally use the basic red paper to wrap my Christmas presents, this would be a change!

  • Bethany

    I usually find a pretty wrapping paper I like, then make a fancy bow with coordinating ribbon.

  • Stephani

    I like to use scrap fabric and pretty reusable boxes at home. I f I am giving a gift and won’t be getting the wrapping back, I dress up kraft paper with pretty ribbon. One year I did newspaper with black and white pictures of the recipient printed on sticker paper as the gift tag and red ribbon. It was beautiful!

  • Michelle Warnke

    I try to keep the paper basic and do fun ribbons/etc. This year i used white paper and thick red yarn tied in a bow, gold writing on the paper. They look so festive!

  • sangeetha

    I wrap usually with newspaper to reduce waste

  • caitlyn

    i like to do basic paper and add ornaments as toppers as a little something extra.

  • Alyson Lott

    I love these ideas so much! I use paper bags all the time and stamp them. They’re cute and easy. I want bright this year, though!

  • Cat K

    I like to use old magazines and pretty ribbon to wrap gifts!! 🙂 poms poms make a HUGE difference!

  • Shelley

    I love to wrap gifts and Sally Shim truly has the best ideas. Would love to win a copy of her book (love her blog too).

  • brittanyMakes

    I love these wrapping paper ideas! that book would really save me from head scratching on a new idea each year lol

  • Kirsten

    I am honestly the worst wrapper ever. I try to wrap things but there’s either a rip in it somewhere or it’s all messy looking. I don’t use ribbon or bows, either.

  • Amy

    I love neutral colors/patterns for the wrapping paper and then adding a little pop of color for the ribbon. Or sometimes I’ll forego the colorful ribbon and use twine instead to keep the neutral theme consistent. I also like adding little toppers like mini ornaments or fresh greenery (e.g. rosemary).

  • amanda

    I DIY… poorly.

  • Brittany

    Gift wrapping is one of my favorite parts of the holidays! I usually use black & kraft papers to keep some consistency but I try to make each one unique 🙂

  • Beth K

    This year I’m making stiched Kraft paper packages with red twill tape ribbon for all my packages. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Corissa

    Each Christmas I do a different color scheme for all the gifts and like to coordinate my tags with the theme of the season.

  • Brandi

    I do all my own wrapping, but I only pick 2 or 3 papers that have a similar color scheme.

  • Krista

    I always like to attach or tie little baubles and things to my gifts

  • brooke field

    i love to use recycled paper scraps to wrap gifts. i’ve never purchased gift wrap in the 10 years i’ve been living on my own!

  • Laura

    I could use some inspiration 🙂 ❤️

  • Friend Gray

    I like to recycle when wrapping so I use whatever I have on hand.

  • KC

    This is perfect

  • Jenny Bergman

    I love love the house wrapping paper. I think it’s be cute for a housewarming gift! A little bit of bakers twine and voila!

  • Valerie

    Fabulous giveaway….I LOVE wrapping a pretty parcel! Many thanks…cheers, Valerie 🙂

  • Rachel Fine

    I like wrapping things differently every time…

  • Katie

    My gift wrapping style is last-minute! Throw it all together on christmas eve.
    I WISH it was something co-ordinated – have a colour scheme every year…

  • Savannah

    I always wish I would wrap my gifts so they look cute, but I usually just use whatever paper I have around the house and throw on an easy bow. Maybe this year I will put in effort to make them look lovely like the ones you have above.

  • patsy

    I do something different every year. Last year I used paper bags and cut out snowflakes. This year I’m going traditional but using a wrapper my brother designed. :^)have a blessed season! patsy

  • Nancy K.

    Well, I love those ideas. I like to cover box lids and bottoms with wrapping paper, using a glue-stick, so they can be used a few times. Those papers are too pretty to throw away after one use. Your add-ons are adorable.

  • Sara C.

    Classic wrapping papers then I add some fun with the ribbons. I love multiple wraps of thin ribbons with a cluster of bows to top them off.

  • Cait

    I love taking the time to wrap things up nicely, I always get paper that isn’t holiday specific so that I can use it year round.

  • kelli

    i try to go for as simple as possible. i still do the dept store thing since i can never decide which ones i want online (which always have the best ideas). my goal is to always do more of the DIY or buy independent brands. maybe next year!

  • emily

    I’m a gift wrapping novice but I’d love to be the person that everyone hopes they get a present from just so they can admire the wrapping. I’m also all about the toppings I love them even more than the actual paper because I feel like it’s that piece that really ties off the whole look

  • Julie

    I like to try and stick to a theme when I’m wrapping gifts for many people (like now, for Christmas), but during the rest of the year I just use what I have at home. I love wrapping presents, and always try to make them look as pretty as I can 🙂

  • Katie

    I have a thing for all things pink so I’ve been using pink Christmas wrapping paper. It’s awesome!

  • Catherine

    I’ve never really spent time wrapping presents but this year I’m really trying to make my packages look prettier, especially since I am hand making most of my gifts. Love the wrapping ideas!

  • Lea Anna

    I wrap my presents, but they’re pretty basic. It looks like I need to step my game up!

  • Polona

    I really like wrapping the presents. It’s either printed paper or plain brown with cute stickers and personalized.

  • caroline

    Every year its a different theme and look depending on what I can find. I love a good plaid for my irish roots and I can never turn down leopard for my mom!

  • Elle B

    Every year is different, but I tend to go with “funny and colorful” more often than “beautiful”–I need to give more presents to adults!

  • cecilie lehn

    I always do it myself. Usually with silky ribbon and a homemade card!

  • Melissa Hungria

    For my kids, I always choose double-sided Costco wrapping paper. For adults, I use kraft paper mostly, and twine with a handmade wool felt ornament. This year, they’re die-cut snowflakes.

  • Molly | TLP

    I love using everyday craft supplies to add flair to wrapping gifts! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Gina Guthrie

    I try to think of a new and exciting ways to wrap my gifts each year. My standard way is with brown craft paper, colorful ribbons and a sprig of evergreen.

  • Esther

    Butcher paper works great 🙂
    Hope to be inspired by Sally’s book to get more crafty 🙂

  • Erin Ellis

    I admit I am terrible at wrapping gifts!

  • Melody

    I love to wrap my own gifts. I try to personalize them for each person by using wrapping paper and tie-ons that remind me of them.

  • Adriana

    I love finding the best and most creative wrapping paper to wrap gifts!

  • Jes N

    So creative, I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Sujeonglim

    Pretty! I love this idea and i will love to warp presents like this !!!!

  • Kimbercrafts

    I love using plain kraft paper, which I decorate with stamps, ribbon, and other craft supplies.

  • Bridgette

    I try to include some type of DIY element to my wrapping. I use a lot of Kraft/bw & gold.

  • Lydia B.

    Although I have slowly become a better wrapper, I’m still a work in progress. (-; I go with whatever I’m feeling at that moment for the recipient! Love browsing blogs and Pinterest for DIY wrapping ideas.

  • Emma

    I like to use brown kraft paper and customize it with paint or ribbon or whatever I have on hand! DIY all the way

  • Erin Maree

    My sister is one of those people who HATES surprises! And likes to unwrap then rewrap gifts under the tree, she is super sneaky about it too 🙂
    I try to stick with a theme with my wrapping, this year its all gold paper and red string/twine/ribbon as that’s the colours of our tree and I love how classic the gifts looks wrapped up under the tree.

  • pat k

    I like to have a different paper for each family member

  • Eva

    Lately, I’ve been using brown butcher paper and adding embellishments to make it pop. This year I plan on making stamped clay ornaments as gift tags.

  • Olivia

    I always wrap my presents if they are rectangular, but it is so hard to wrap things that are circular etc, so I usually just put them in a gift bag or a fitting box to wrap. My theme is either very christmas-y or plain old black and white. I always DIY my wrapping, because it’s the best part, to see a bit of you in a gift. Also, I have a bit of a wrapping paper addiction, and I need to use the collection as much as I can so I don’t feel so bad buying so much paper.

  • Tiffany

    I love to wrap my gifts and add embellishments and things that are personal to the recipient.

  • Meghan

    This year I’ve been reusing brown paper grocery bags as “craft paper”—cutting them into flat rectangles, turning them inside out and using that as the wrapping paper. Then I decorate the paper using stamps or metallic pens. So easy and cheap!

  • Ioa

    I like transforming the cheapest paper (for example the brown packaging one) into something special by tying the boxes with pretty ribbons or brooches or buttons. From time to time I design and print my own wrapping paper, but I use that one on boxes and notebooks.

  • Laura

    I often use kraft paper for my gifts. I decorate them with stickers, ribbon, …

  • Marisa E

    I love fancying up kraft paper with handmade accents – a big fluffy pompom, pretty tapes, bows, or creating my own pattern with a sharpie or paint pen.

  • Patricia Real

    I do my own gift-wrapping :). I diy paper gift boxes and envelopes of different sizes, so i use thoSe and fit whatever gift i can haha. If it’s too big, then that’s rhe time i bring out the wrapping paper 🙂

  • Maritza Galvez

    So so cute! Stamps are my thing!

  • Leah Chen

    I love love love ribbons!

  • Amanda H

    Looks like a great book! Nothing like simple and awesome!

  • Malia

    My mom used to be a professional gift wrapper, so I sometimes go more traditional with perfect lines. Other times I like to use interesting magazine papers I’ve collected (mid 90s Benetton magazines were the best!).

  • Ann

    I actually just did a big post on various gift wrapping ideas! I especially love the no peeking eyes…LifeAnnStyle

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