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Family Day: Strawberry Picking!


Family Day: Strawberry Picking at Underwood Farms

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m having a really hard time with Arlo not walking yet. I know, I KNOW that everyone says “once he starts walking you’ll wish he wasn’t!” but he is a very active kid that doesn’t like to be held and hates sitting in a stroller/carrier so it’s been increasingly frustrating for everyone.

It’s also made us hesitate on taking on a lot of the activities we had been thinking about this summer (we were SURE he’d be walking by now) because it’s just tough when your babe wants to crawl in a place he can’t! Lots of tears for all parties! But we finally decided to just go for a couple of them and see what happens. So yesterday we went to Underwood Family Farms to go strawberry picking! It’s about an hour outside of LA and Jeff and I went several years ago just the two of us. We had such a blast back then and all we could talk about was how we can’t wait until we can bring our kids back someday!

I’m happy to report that Arlo LOVED it. I was SO SO happy. Jeff ended up taking a bazillion cute pics so I figured I’d share some along with a couple of his favorite things!

Family Day: Strawberry Picking at Underwood FarmsFamily Day: Strawberry Picking at Underwood FarmsFamily Day: Strawberry Picking at Underwood Farms

We got there shortly after they opened (at 9am) and it wasn’t packed at all, so I definitely recommend going early! Kids under 2 get in free, and adults are around $6/each! We just brought our baby bjorn for Arlo because they have wagons there to wheel your kids around in if you want! Easier and more fun than a stroller!

He loved looking around at all the animals, they have so many! There were even some chickens roaming free on the property which he got a kick out of. There’s an animal show a few times a day but we didn’t catch one and there’s also a petting zoo, though you have to pay extra for that! There’s also a ton of things to climb on and a big sand box to dig in.

Family Day: Strawberry Picking at Underwood FarmsFamily Day: Strawberry Picking at Underwood FarmsFamily Day: Strawberry Picking at Underwood Farms

There’s a tractor that will take you around to where all the pick-your-own produce is. On the way to the tractor there is these singing chicken puppet things (???) which ended up being Arlo’s FAVORITE thing of the whole day. Haha! Kid just loves music.

There’s all different fruits and veggies you can pick depending on the month you go. They have what’s available that day listed right before you enter the fields! Arlo is a strawberry fiend and the second I set him down and pointed to a strawberry on one of the plants he was OFF. (Well, off while still holding my hand… haha) He got really good at picking out only the red ones, not the green ones that weren’t ready. It was SO CUTE. He ate probably a few too many while we were picking (Whoops!) but he also helped us put some into the little containers they give you and loved that too. He was really having such a blast.

Family Day: Strawberry Picking at Underwood FarmsFamily Day: Strawberry Picking at Underwood FarmsFamily Day: Strawberry Picking at Underwood FarmsFamily Day: Strawberry Picking at Underwood Farms

Two things to note: First, have your kids wear clothes that are OK to get messy and strawberry stained. Arlo was COVERED in strawberry juice. And second, beware if there are any bee allergies in your family. They are everywhere and don’t bother you at all if you don’t bother them but it’s something to be mindful of if you need to be!

We also grabbed some oranges, Arlo’s second favorite food, and he loved helping to drop them into the produce bag. Before you head out, you just pay for the produce you pick and it’s super reasonable. There’s a food truck on the property with a couple lunch items but we found a nearby shopping center for lunch and ate at The Natural Cafe and it was delicious, though the In-N-Out next-door was tempting. Haha!

Family Day: Strawberry Picking at Underwood FarmsFamily Day: Strawberry Picking at Underwood Farms

Photos by Jeff Mindell

On Me: Yellow Dress
On Arlo: Rainbow Romper | Sandals | Hat

I’m really glad we went. It’s SUCH a good family outing for kids of all ages, and you can make something yummy with whatever you buy! Also a great option if you live in LA and have people visiting! There’s even more Arlo will be able to do once he’s walking so we’ll definitely be back!

Let me know if you want to see more “Family Day” type posts like this!? Could be fun!? I know that a lot of you aren’t local to LA but perhaps they’d inspire similar family activities in your area??

Oh and also, anyone have a good dessert recipe with oranges?? We have SO many now! Leave it for me below if you do!


  • Michelle

    That sounds like so much fun! I wanna do that whenever I have kids, hell, I would even do it without kids! I just love strawberries!

  • Mia S

    I loved this post! I really enjoy seeing what y’all do as a family. It was fun to follow along with your Instastories from that day, so I’m glad there was a follow up here! Please keep doing them!

  • Kayleigh

    Loved the post! Its not a dessert but I make fruit salad with oranges. Just slice the oranges in small pieces, add mint and some honey! It’s really tasty and refreshing!

  • Natalie

    Yes, more and more please! Y’all look adorable, and I love the family outing inspo with a dash of keeping it real.

  • Beatriz

    Omg such a nice and lovely post! Always love to read your blog and seeing all the cute pictures from baby Arlo!

    Also love the editing of the photos! They look so fresh and like so cozy if that makes any sense hahaha

    Love you guys! Keep on the awesome work, you always inspire me! ✨✨

  • Celi

    I love this post on family, I really like posts on everything about you guys as a family, and love the pics and all the bright light in them. Thanks for spreading all this happiness all around.

  • Kristen

    I like the new direction a lot but kinda miss the details in the highlights a little? Like there’s some photos that have hands that have a large amount of highlight on them, maybe pulling them down just a tad? Otherwise the tones are warm and happy and like a good dream, so beautiful as always, Mindells!

  • Esther

    I love your photos and sneak peaks you are sharing! Your family is wonderful!
    I do like the dreamy warm look of the images, but please don’t move away of your clear and colorful photos you usually take! Love 💕

  • Mari

    What a fun family outing and beautiful pics😍 I’m always looking for places to have fun with my one year old in LA. You and Jeff’s stories are always inspiring and I love them💖💖💖 Thanks for sharing!

  • Christine

    Love, love, love the family posts, keep ’em coming! I admire your little family so much!

    Regarding the photos: I feel bad saying this, however, I am not a fan of this new editing style. They are too blown out and too yellow toned for my taste. I absolutely love your crisp, clear, and colorful editing style! I would be sad to see you steer away from that.

  • CJ

    Martha Stewart has a really good orange poppyseed scone recipe!

  • Rochelle

    Best thing ever for kids who don’t like strollers but still need to be contained for walking trips or shopping are those little push cars. My third little one was like Arlo…. Didn’t like being held and hated being in stroller. We got the push car (in pink!!) and she was secure with the buckle and would happily drive and honk while we walked. It was a life changer! Love the family posts…. Your family is so lovely and its always nice to see what you’re up to!

  • Katie C

    Watched your IG stories Jeff and personally, I’d love to see your straight from the camera, raw shot, followed by your edits. This way it gives me more hope for getting a similar end result with what I’m working with.

    Whenever I shoot in direct sunlight like you did, the harsh shadows require me to fix each individual photo and it never looks this good. I’d pay for tutorials if I knew my photos could be taken from my burned out shots with horrible shadow areas, to something similar to what you did here.

    I’m all about these photos!!

  • Janice

    I’d love to see more family outings! Please keep sharing!

  • Kristina

    Love love love the content, but I do think the pictures are a little too filled with light and maybe a bit too warm. One of the things I love about your pictures, Jeff, is that they don’t seem too washed out. They’ve been super crisp, clean, and bright. Totally your call, though!

  • Shelby

    Yes! Jeff! The editing. I read Kelly’s blog post before I saw your story asking for opinions and I thought…the photos are edited differently… I think it’s very fitting! It’s refreshing to see something new and it speaks to your skill as a visionary and creative. It’s nice to see versatility that still rings true to your brand. The editing is so bright and warm and super fitting for the subject matter and situation. It’s like you’re there, in the sun, with the golden foothills around you. I moved from Cali to the Midwest and I FEEL the sun washed, California vibes emanating from these photos! 🙌🏼😍😭😍

  • Heather O

    This looks like SO much fun! I used to love strawberry picking as a kid, and our fields didn’t have any of the extra fun stuff! I would love to see more Family Day posts, they’re just so much fun! And I love the photo editing! It’s so charming and warm.

  • gmail account login

    Arlo walking, Arlo wearing cool sunglasses~ So adorable!! I want to to strawberry picking, too~

  • Katie De Crescenzo

    Such a darling family! That looks like a very fun family outing.

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