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My Favorite Sources for Colorful Baby Clothes


Baby Boy Outfit Ideas

Outfit Details: Brunch Tee | Cardigan | Jeans | Mint Moccs

I get a ton of questions about Arlo’s clothes every day, so I wanted to round up some of my favorite sources for colorful baby clothes. I’ve talked a lot about my frustrations with finding a variety of colors for Arlo to wear when everything seems to be funneled into “boy” (AKA royal blue and red) or “girl” (AKA pink and ruffled). These sources have a lot of great options that work for any baby and there are SO many great color options. Here’s my faves!

Baby Boy Outfit Ideas

Outfit Details: Baby Bird Onesie | Palm Print Hoodie | Green Bloomers | Green Striped Socks | Black Oxford Moccs

June & January

This one will come as the biggest shock to you guys… bhahahaah! Kidding! Clearly, Arlo wears a lot of J&J. Here’s why: First, the colors. I love that they are bold and bright but slightly different, not just typical primary colors. Same with the silhouettes, they are great basics but are a little different than what you’d find at a big box store. Arlo lives in one pieces like the tank shorty and the long sleeve jumper. They also just came out with striped PJs which I am OBSESSED WITH.

Baby Boy Outfit Ideas

Outfit details: Green Sweatshirt | Denim Bomber Jacket | Cactus Shorts | Black Oxford Moccs

Lola & Stella

Admittedly,  we only own those cute cactus shorts up there from this company but I’m obsessed with their prints. Lots of fruit and food and cuteness and it’s all organic.

Baby Boy Outfit Ideas

Outfit Details: Blue Sweatshirt | Cloud Cardigan | Blue Striped Pants | Mint Moccs


Primary is an awesome source for affordable basics like onesies, leggings, etc that come in fun, bold colors not just baby blue, pink and white like at a lot of stores. You also get a discount for buying multiple, which is a great way to stock up on items to layer with other patterned pieces. We have a ton of the short sleeve onesies and long sleeve onesies for Arlo because we find onesies SO much easier to dress him in when he’s going to just be crawling around the house all day since sometimes shirts can ride up.

Baby Boy Outfit Ideas

Outfit Details: Peach Tee from June & January | Striped Sweater from Baby Gap (Similar) | Denim Overalls | Green Booties

The Bonnie Mob

I LOVE The Bonnie Mob in general, but especially for sweaters and special occasion pieces. I find a lot of knitwear for babies is super neutral so I love that they incorporate color, pattern and RAINBOWS into theirs!! The little rompers literally MURDER me. How cute for a holiday or first birthday!? And the sweaters are super warm but not itchy or uncomfortable. We have a ton of them ready to go for our trip to the east coast! They also have really cute denim, too.

Baby Boy Outfit Ideas

Outfit Details: Striped Sweatshirt | Ice Cream Pants | Scarf | Pink Socks

Kira Kids

I love Kira Kids for graphic t-shirts/sweatshirts and really cute patterned pants. I love that the themes (ice cream, rocket ships, unicorns) are kid appropriate but they are really well designed and not cheesy. The colors are super fun, too.

Baby Boy Outfit Ideas

Outfit Details: “I Like You A Lot” Romper | Sweater | Striped Socks | Mint Moccs

Oh Joy for Target

In general, I wish Target had a bit more color variety in their boy clothes section but Joy’s collection is an exception! I love her use of mint and turquoise, the patterns and the KNEE PATCHES!! So darn cute.

Baby Boy Outfit Ideas

Outfit Details: Sprinkle Onesie from Baby Gap | Yellow Hoodie | Velour Joggers | Neon Pink Moccs

Baby Gap

Gap has a lot of really cute colorful stripe stuff right now. The stripe sweater we got awhile back that’s one of my faves now comes in a few other fun varieties! I often check the “girl” section here too for clothes for A, too.

Baby Boy Outfit Ideas

Outfit Details: Striped Sweatshirt | Knee Patch Pants | Scarf | Neon Moccs

Freshly Picked

We’re just talking shoes here, but these are almost exclusively the shoes Arlo wears! I love them because they come in a zillion colors and don’t involve any laces or velcro. He also loves to chew on them, haha, so they serve a great alternate purpose. 😉

Baby Boy Outfit Ideas

Outfit Details: Striped Sweatshirt | Ant Pants | Neon Pink Moccs | Neon Sunglasses

Baby Boy Outfit Ideas

Outfit Details: Rainbow Sweater from The Bonnie Mob | Yellow Hoodie | Jeans | Blue Moccs (Similar)

I think I’m going to start putting together some fun outfits like this regularly over on Instagram. Because… who doesn’t love baby clothes, right!?!? Hope this was helpful to those of you who might be struggling! If you have any other fave sources, leave ’em below!!




  • Kristina B

    Super excited to outfit all the new little people in my life from here also? Kira Kids HAS A STATIONERY SECTION and so yeah. That’s awesome.

  • Ashley

    yes! yes! yes! As a mom of a 9 month old baby boy I find it so hard to find whimsical and colorful clothes for him so I am going to be checking these out for sure. 🙂

  • bigbindi

    Aww.. these clothes are so cute !..Loved your collection.

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