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Five Things to do with Pipe Cleaners


How do you guys feel about pipe cleaners? Do you think they can still be cool or would you rather see them left in the preschool classrooms? I was totally on the latter team in that battle until I started doing some research! Turns out (and this seems to be a recurring theme), pipe cleaners can still rock my socks! I’m about to throw me a whole pipe cleaner PARTY, folks! Kids or no kids, here’s five pipe cleaner crafts to get you on the bandwagon!

1. Make some crowns! I lost my mind when I saw this shoot, filled with fancy pipe cleaner crowns! There may not be a tutorial there, but there’s a boat load of inspiration for crafting up your own crowns with pipe cleaners, head bands and a few fun embellishments! These are so perfect for a kid’s party, or a quirky bachelorette bash.

Pipe Cleaner Crowns Pipe Cleaner Tiara

Tiaras by The Glamouri for V Magazine, Photos by Nick Heavican

2. Top a (pan)cake! Their bendiness (That’s totally a word.) makes pipe cleaners perfect for curving into toppers of all sorts !I love these little hearts, but you could also turn this into a word, stars, geometric shapes and more!

DIY Pipe Cleaner Heart Toppers

DIY Pipe Cleaner Heart Toppers via The Sweetest Occasion

3. Monogram some cups! Who needs drink markers when your initial is already on the cup!? Such a sweet way to add some budget-friendly sparkle to those plain grocery store finds.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Party Cups

DIY Pipe Cleaner Party Cups via Fellow Fellow

4. Go for a garland! Party or no party, I’d love to have kiddos craft up some pipe cleaner garlands and banners for their rooms or for Mother’s Day! How sweet!

DIY Pipe Cleaner Garland

DIY Pipe Cleaner Garland via A Daily Something

5. Blow bubbles! Aren’t bubbles just the best? You can pretend you’re too old for them, but you’re not. No need to buy the wands, or the mix, anymore. I love this homemade pipe cleaner variety!

DIY Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands DIY Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands

DIY Pipe Cleaner Bubble Blowers (And Homemade Bubble Solution) via Armelle Blog for Hello Bee

So are you coming to my pipe cleaner party now? Good.

Have something you’d like to see in the “Five Things to do with…” series? Let me know in the comments below!


  • Ally Ebdon

    woweee that pancake topper is brilliant! We’re not allowed to light candles in our apartment because our smoke detectors are ridiculously sensitive and so it’s kinda a damp party when we can’t light candles for birthdays. But I love it that metallic pipe cleaners look kinda like sparklers! It should definitely satisfy our birthday cravings until we accidentally manage to hit the sensors with hammers.

    • Kelly

      We have ridiculously sensitive smoke detectors too, Ally! Can’t even turn the oven on without them going off! Those pipe cleaner toppers are definitely an excellent candle alternative!! =)

  • Shelly Hardage-Wilkerson

    Super cute! Love the concept of the bubble blowers!

  • Fiona

    ah I had no idea you could use pipe cleaners to blow bubbles and they’re so pretty to boot!!

  • Terrie

    These are so great! I want a pipe cleaner crown 🙂

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