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It’s been a little over two months since I posted about my capsule wardrobe and I thought this would be a good time to share some thoughts on the whole experience! I’ve learned a lot and it has been a really fun challenge for me. I’m the kind of person that when you tell me “You can’t wear that.” I’m all “BUT I WANT TO SO BAD!” Ha! So here’s what I’ve concluded. A capsule wardrobe is not for me. I know. It’s only been two months, but I have to say, what I’ve learned from it made it 1,000 times worth giving it a try and I still think the concept is awesome for the right person. That person just isn’t me. Here’s some of the top lessons I’ve learned.

I’m A Creature of Habit: When I get dressed in the morning, I have a few “go to” looks that I like to wear every day. Before doing the capsule, I’d wear a variation of these looks almost every day because I had 30 graphic tees or 5 blazers to change it up with. Having only one of each meant that I wanted to wear the same outfit every day! Even though I genuinely love every piece in the capsule, it was interesting to see what I reached for each morning. (Spoiler alert: It was the same thing.)

I Need To Be More Creative: Jumping off of that, I’ve learned that I really do need to push myself out of those habits! It was SO fun getting to work with a professional stylist (Hey, Jordy!) who tried combos and layering ideas I’d never think of, like wearing a sweatshirt over a dress.

I Get Bored Easily: Even though the pieces we chose could make 100+ outfits, turns out I just get bored too easily with certain items. I think this mainly applies to shoes. Only having a couple (Ok… Six. HA. I have a problem.) to choose from killed me! I just like changing things like that up a lot. T-shirts too!

Only Buy Things You Really Love (And/Or Will Wear A Lot): Easily the best part, and really the core purpose, of a capsule is to hone in on pieces you really love. Looking in my closet now, the pieces I kept outside of the capsule, are all ones that I really love. That I want to wear. Not the “well, I kind of think this looks terrible but what IF I need this dress for a wedding in three years” pieces. Of the few pieces I’ve bought since starting the capsule, I’ve thought long and hard about how versatile they are and how much I really love them.

My Clothing Hoarder Tendencies (May Have?) Finally Broken: Ok, that’s a big statement. BUT! Spending those few hours with Jordy going through my closet and getting rid of 80% of my clothes has really helped me make that step towards not keeping things for years and years. And that applies both to clothes and to other areas of my life. I’m still definitely a hoarder in some ways, but I’ve made big improvements which I’m really proud of.

I’m curious… have any of you tried a capsule wardrobe? How did you feel a few months in? Did you love it? Hate it? Modify it? I think it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever done, for the blog and for myself, because it really taught me to think a lot. It also made getting dressed in the morning easier, once I got over the fact that I couldn’t wear the other 45 t-shirts that I wanted to wear. Ha! But all in all, I’ve determined that a strict capsule isn’t for me and am excited to start carefully adding some additional pieces back into my wardrobe.

Thanks for coming with me on this experiment you guys! Can’t wait to see how it evolves from here.


  • Rebecca

    I’ve always wanted to try a capsule wardrobe but I suspect I won’t like it for the same reasons you shared!

  • Amanda

    I’ve been wondering how this turned out! I was very intrigued by the idea when you first talked about it. But, like you, it wouldn’t be for me. I have too may go-to outfits that I can’t leave behind!! Thanks for sharing your experiment!

    • Kelly

      Those go-to outfits are hard to let go of!! I’m really happy I tried it out though. Taught me a lot!

  • Michelle

    Thank you for these tips! I guess I still have to work a bit on my capsule wardrobe!

  • Hannah Mills

    Applause for sticking to a capsule for 2 months! I tried a capsule for 30 days and quickly realized after day 15 this wasn’t for me. I also learned a lot about myself and my wardrobe, but like you I actually love all the pieces in my wardrobe and will wear them! A capsule wardrobe is a wonderful concept and great for some people, but not me. I do suggest everyone try it at least once!

    Thank you for sharing your capsule experience!

    • Kelly

      I agree Hannah! I think everyone should try it once. It really helps you prioritize and learn more about what you really do love in your wardrobe.

  • Mia

    I think I would feel the EXACT SAME way about having a capsule! I have a tendency to go for the same combos of clothes over and over, but with slight variations. I don’t want to get rid of my options! I don’t like repeating things so often!

    • Kelly

      Yes!! That was the biggest challenge. I basically wanted to wear the same two pieces every day because those were my “go to” staples.

  • Erin Maree

    I think having a capsule wardrobe is like dieting as soon as you put something off limits you want it badly and the restrictions can get to you.
    Though I am the type of person who will wear the same outfit for a whole week easily or I will just rotate a few shirts but keep the same bottoms. When I worked (now unemployed) I would just wear the same thing every day and no one noticed, I would maybe switch up the shoes but that was really to give my feet a break.
    I would say I am a hoarder when it comes to dresses as I find that to find a nice one you have to really spend a heap and because of that I have dresses that I wore to school dances (5-8 years ago) still in my wardrobe. Even though I’ve put on weight because you never know when I might loose the weight and fit into them (even though a couple are waaay too short) because they cost so much.
    I have just recently spent around $400 on 3 dresses over the course of a few weeks just to give my wardrobe a much needed lift. So it will be interesting to see if I go for older dresses over the newer ones in the coming Summer months.
    At the end of the day its what works for you, I just don’t see a capsule wardrobe ever working for me.

    • Kelly

      Haha! So accurate about the diet comparison, Erin!!! Feel the same about dresses, too. It’s hard to find nice ones that don’t cost a ton, so I think it’s super smart to invest in some like you did!!

  • Hannah T

    I love that you did the capsule and totally understand about the 2 months being enough! I decided to do a ‘slow capsule’ – I feel too much guilt throwing out things that are still in good shape. My personal capsule is being built of things that I make by hand, which takes longer, but it also helps me only make things with a good history behind them and that I love from the very beginning. I have only added 2 – 3 things to my wardrobe this year and most everything that was let go was released because of fit or because it was falling apart. It’s much easier when you aren’t restricting yourself, just cleaning out your closet to get rid of the things that you can’t wear anyway!

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