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Toddler Camp: Space Day (Themed Activities and Crafts)


DIY Cardboard Rocket Ship

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We couldn’t have a toddler camp without a space day! This day was great because every craft and activity tied into one another so it felt like a really cohesive day full of imaginative play.

Keep reading for activities, sensory ideas and craft projects all celebrating outer space!

Movies + Shows To Watch

Need a few fun movie and show ideas to get the kids excited about space day? Try the below!

  • Toy Story – Available on Disney+
  • Space Jam – Available on Netflix
  • La Luna – Available on Disney+

Active Play

DIY Soda Bottle Jet Pack

Space Walk

Load up with your jet pack and rocketship (see tutorials below) and head out on a “space walk”! Keep an eye out for other “aliens” or hunt for “space rocks” to paint later.

If you can’t go outside, turn bowls upside down to be “planets” and place them throughout a hallway or room in your house and create an obstacle course to avoid the aliens that live on all the different planets! 

Sensory Play

pipe cleaner colander UFO fine motor activity

Colander “UFO”

Flip a colander upside down and hand your toddler a pile of pipe cleaners. They can feed the pipe cleaners through the holes and turn it into a “UFO”! Great for their fine motor skills.


how to make a soda bottle jet pack

Plastic Bottle Jet Pack

If you have any soda, milk  or water bottles… save them! They make a perfect jet pack! You can get the full tutorial on how to make one here.

how to make a cardboard rocketship

Cardboard Rocket Ship

Turn a cardboard box into a rocket ship! Cut six equal sized rectangles and six triangles (that are the same width at the bottom as the short side of your rectangles). Let your kids go crazy painting and decorating them.

Cut a hole in one of the rectangles if you want your kids to be able to have a stuffed animal or doll “ride” in the 

Then assemble them into a rocket ship. Hot glue (adults only!) the rectangles (long sides) together into a hexagon shape. Then hot glue a triangle to the top of each rectangle and glue the sides of the triangles together to form the top of the rocket.

Add paper or felt “fire” to the bottom. 

You can also cut out a hexagon to glue to the bottom of the rocket to close up the bottom if you’d like!

DIY Cardboard Rocket Ship

Games + Puzzles

I found a few awesome space themed toys that would be a great addition to a toy collection:


kids books about space

Here’s a few cute books to read that are all about space:

  • Buddy’s Bedtime Battery by Christina Geist
  • How To Catch A Star by Oliver Jeffers
  • Steve the Star by Kamron Webb
  • Toy Story (Little Golden Book)

Shop them in my Amazon shop here!

If you want to learn more about how I structure our “camp” days, check out this post. The schedule allows for free play and downtime as well. 

And of course, if you make or do any of these projects, please tag me if you share a picture or story on Instagram so I can see!!


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